Dressing for party season as a tall girl

20 November 2021

Party season is upon us. And that can only mean one thing - Christmas party outfits. It's that time of year when everyone wears sequins, fur (most likely faux) and short skirts. And short skirts as a tall girl can be tricky (but that doesn’t mean they can’t be rocked...I’ll come onto that later). If you've got a Christmas party to go to, need an outfit to wear and you're over 5'8 - then this post is for you. Here is your guide to dressing for Christmas party season as a tall girl

There is one item in my wardrobe that I swear by. And that is a Black Jumpsuit. Wear it to work, or jazz it up with accessories and heels for a night out. A solid black jumpsuit does wonders to accentuate a tall frame. No-one pulls off a jumpsuit better than a tall girl, as they do a great job of highlighting long legs and creating a good silhouette to show off your natural curves (especially if it's a waist clinching jumpsuit).

I'm wearing a black cutout jumpsuit from Missguided, which I recently bought for the 2021 party season. 

A selection of my other favourite jumpsuits this season. Click here to shop.    

This time of year is called Sparkle Season for a reason. Luckily, as tall girls we can get away with wearing quite loud patterns and prints. As contrasting colours on the top and bottom often break up our height. This includes sparkles. A sparkly top and black on the bottom half (or vice versa) is a match made in heaven for a tall girl. Don't be afraid to go loud, bold and sparkly. 

My superb selection of sparkles. Click here to shop.    

Earlier I mentioned the power of a waist clinching jumpsuit. Anything with a Waist Clincher is designed to make you looked snatcheddddd a.k.a add shape around your waist. I'm a sucker for a high waisted outfit or a bandage bodycon dress - both elongate your legs and pull in your waist to make you appear snatcheddddd  - if you are aiming for an hourglass shape this will definitely go a long way. 

The best high waisted trousers and waist clinching dresses. Click the links to shop 

If you're tall, you've probably got sensational legs, so there's no excuse not to get your legs out. It doesn't have to be a short skirt, in fact a Thigh Split skirt or dress can show off a great pair of legs. 

The sassiest splits of all. Click here to shop. 

And finally, if you can’t resist a short skirt (because I definitely can’t) but you're worried about it looking short, then an Ankle Strap Heel will be your new favourite #tallgirlhack. The pair I'm wearing are from Just Fab and are the perfect example of Ankle strap heels 🤝short skirts. The strap on the heel gives the illusion of long legs. 

Outfit 1 
Jumpsuit // Missguided 
Bag // DKNY
Shoes // Public Desire 

Outfit 2 
Top // Missguided
Skirt // Missguided 
Coat // Missguided 
Shoes {pr} // Just Fab 


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