A week in Love Luna Period Briefs | A Review

23 March 2021

AD - This is a paid post in collaboration with Love Luna

Periods have been experienced by women since the dawn of time. But what is relatively new is the period pant. Sure, we’ve all heard of tampons, pads or menstrual cups but the period pant didn’t really come onto the UK scene until 2018.

Which if you ask me, was well overdue

I’ve never really found one way to cope with periods that I was happy with. Tampons and Sanitary Pads are way too expensive every month. If I spend £10 a month on tampons, and statistically women have around 480 periods between the ages of 12 and 52. That’s 480 x 10, which is near enough £5000 (quick maths). And that’s not even accounting for all the extra chocolate, hot water bottles and feel good products you (well, definitely me) purchase when your period comes each month.


Along with this expense, there’s the massive inconvenience of having to slip out of the room and head to the toilet every 2-4 hours to change. And not to mention the alarming impact this has on the environment. Traditional sanitary products such as tampon and sanitary towels can take up to 500-800 years to decompose in landfill — meaning the first ever sanitary product you ever wore…still decomposing.

So I tried the Love Luna range over the cycle of my period and wanted to document my experience of using the briefs. Love Luna offer three styles of period brief (as well as a ‘lady leaks’ range which can also be used) catering to all sizes and all flows. I tried out the Period Full Brief which is for a heavier flow (absorbing around 3-4 tampons worth), as well as the Midi Brief (absorbing around 2-3 tampons worth) and the Bikini Brief (absorbing around 2-3 tampons worth). They also have a workout brief which is seamless and perfect for wearing under leggings. There are so many different briefs that cater for various days in the cycle.

Of course, I was super sceptical when I first heard of the period brief. How could I trust ‘an adult nappy’? Would it smell? Would it be wet? Would they leak? Would they be comfortable? Well, one week of using the Love Luna range answered all those questions.

Days 1 - 4

As the first couple of days of my period are usually quite heavy, I opted for the Love Luna full brief from Sainsbury’s. Considering these are £10 a pair (a lot cheaper than other period briefs I have seen on the market), I was super impressed with the quality of the full brief. With super breathable cotton in a high waist design, these briefs were designed to be comfy and help you manage the first few days of your period. The material is super soft, which is super important when you are on your period and you just want to be comfortable. Especially for me, as this is the point when I tend to eat my body weight in Chocolate.

Sleeping for 8+ hours during the first few days of my period is familiar territory for leaks. The ultimate test for the full brief was if could I sleep through the night and have no leaks. Would the Love Luna full brief allow me to sleep peacefully without fretting about leakage? Yes. Yes it would. There are layers of absorbency, and a leak proof barrier which guard leaks and gives you the utmost confidence that you will be fine. And I was.

Days 5 - 7

For the lighter days of my period I used the Midi Brief and the Bikini Brief.

Can we just talk about the style of the Bikini brief. it’s super cute, with a lace scallop detailing going around the top of the brief. It’s also different to the full brief thanks to the sleek microfibre finish, which personally makes me feel a bit dressier and sexier in the final days of my period. Definitely not a ‘adult nappy’.

What I love about Love Luna is that it is an Australian brand producing products that are designed for women, by women. The team behind these products have over 20+ years’ experience designing intimates, they know what women go through and what we need from menstrual products. The absorbency is slightly lower on these pairs, absorbing around 2-3 tampons worth which is more than enough on one of the lighter days of my period. One of my favourite benefits of the Love Luna briefs is that there is no need to carry sanitary products in my bag all the time.

Love Luna also have a brief with no Visible Panty Line designed for working out. When I did go to the gym, working out on my period always used to trigger a lapse of confidence with my image. But there is literally a different Love Luna brief for every circumstance.

As I’m always completely honest in my blogs, there are 2 things I need the mention. The first is that, it took me a while to get used to the briefs, which I’m putting down to mindset. Whether you wear them as backup or in the place of other products, it may feel slightly unusual at first. I probably got used to it on Day 4 and I think this largely due to the fact we (as a society) have been using other sanitary products for so long.

I must admit there is a bit of an upfront investment. Period pants can be pricey if compare them to how much it costs to pick up a single pack of tampons. That being said, you save more money in the long term when you are not forking out £2.50 here and £2.50 there every week. That £10-12 it costs to buy a pair of Love Luna briefs is a bit of an upfront costs, but they will last a long time. Additionally, Love Luna Period briefs are some of the most affordable period briefs on the market.

So, after a week of wearing the Love Luna briefs, I thought back to some of those earlier questions I had.

How could I trust ‘an adult nappy’?

Quite easily. The science behind how the actual brief is made is incredible. It’s made up of lots of different layers that all have different purposes. Whether it’s to let moisture in so you feel dry, soak up liquid, or act as a waterproof so that liquid stops seeping through to your clothes. Love Luna have you covered. Not literally.

Would it smell?

I didn’t notice a smell or see anything on the brief. Even if you do, Love Luna briefs can also be washed 50+ times.

Would it be wet? Or Would they leak?

Nope. Thanks to the absorbent waterproof layer, I didn’t experience any liquid seeping through or a wet feeling.

Would they be comfortable?

Absolutely, the soft cotton and high quality cut of the briefs made me feel so comfortable and not like I was waring ‘adult nappy’ at all.

Thanks to Love Luna my periods are much easier to manage with the introduction of the period briefs range. I wish these existed when I was a teenager for my sake and the sake of the planet. And the best bit? The briefs range from just £10 to £12 a pair from Sainsburys. You can also use the discount code 'LUNA10' to get 10% off.


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