6 Spring Trends For 2021

7 March 2021

It’s officially Spring on March 20th, which means goodbye big winter coats and hello light & colourful clothing. My favourite thing about spring (apart from the warmer weather, lighter days, the Easter chocolate & flowers) is the fashion. Spring Fashion is my favourite type of fashion so around about this time I start to trend spot. And the trends to look out for this spring are…

Knit vests

Also known as your grandads vest, or the cricket vest. These knitwear pieces were seen on the catwalks of Dior, Prada and Lacoste in the Autumn/Winter 20 runway shows. They are the perfect transitional piece. Want to stay warm but don’t fancy wearing a coat - the knit vest is the way forward.

There are 2 styles of knit vest that I am absolutely loving. The first is the roll neck knit vest, from H&M. When I think of roll necks on the high street, I automatically think of H&M - they have the best collection.

A pattern knit vest is even more grandad chic, and this one is from Quiz Clothing. The great thing about the knit vest trend is that what you wear underneath can completely change your look. I tend to go for the white shirt underneath but now spring is here, i’ll definitely be experimenting with more colour.


Tweed will always be in trend. Whilst the black and white or brown tweed colours that we are all familiar with will be loved this Spring. This spring is also about the pastel tweeds. And yes, that includes THAT Zara playsuit.

Pastel suits

I’m a massive fan of the power suit. GQ wrote about the rise of pastel suits in menswear in early 2020. As I’m a massive fan of adding a bit of colour into my wardrobe, particular when it comes to my work wardrobe, I cannot wait to wear this trend. A suit doesn’t have to be black and dull, and the pastel suit trend proves just that.

My top 3 Pastel suits are:
Pink Pastel from Banana Republic
Three piece Baby Blue from ASOS
Lovely Lilac from Shein

Wide leg trousers

I have been a fan of the wide leg trouser for a long time. The things wide leg trousers do for your silhouette is great. The wide leg creates a great silhouette for the perfect hourglass figure. Fashion houses such as Hermes changed the wide leg trouser game. No more traditional wide leg trousers, hello to tailored trousers in colours such as Grey and Camel for spring.

Tie dye

Tie-dye has been a trend for as long as I can remember. As a child, I has some pretty questionable tie-dye pieces, but the trend is back again!  Harpers Bazaar said "From caftans to maxi dresses, sweat suits and denim, these shibori-inspired patterns hit every colour of the rainbow, and are decidedly bougie." Favourite tie-dye picks include:

Gap jumper
Asteria 2 piece set
Mint Velvet dress


Introducing the shirt and jacket combination that has swept Instagram like crazy. I’m 100% here for pieces that are warm but not too heavy. And thanks to the Shacket being made of wool-blend or pleather material, they do a great job at keeping you warm. They come in a range of styles, from long to short or button up to tie, you are bound to find the perfect Shacket for you.


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