How Lockdown Changed My Workout Habits With Boudavida Sportswear

11 September 2020

Last week, I returned to the gym for the first time since the height of COVID.

Before COVID, I was a massive gym go-er, always using my trusty Classpass to head to 2-3 gym sessions per week, with at least one self guided gym session per week. In March that all changed. All the gyms shut as they were essentially COVID 19 hotspots and like the rest of the country, I was forced to work out at home. Usually I haven’t been one to workout at home as going to the gym and being surrounded by likeminded individuals, doing fun workouts, having loud music blaring away and a refrigerated sweat towel ready for me after class inspires me way more than dragging myself up a hill and to the park for a run. But lockdown forced me to do just that.

I’m not a runner - I get bored easily and I can’t run for long. But in late March I made the decision to run everyday. Starting small and working up a little bit every day, I hit the 6k mark towards the end of April (I can thank Couch To 5K for that). I mixed running with exercise that I really enjoyed, I also did HIIT sessions from the comfort of my own home. Doing home workouts over the course of 5 months, meant I built up a list of some of my favourite trainers and gyms.

My favourites include:

Maeve Madden - The Queen of the HIIT workout. Maeve has a really empowering, energetic attitude to working out, she has the best soundtrack for workout routines and never fails to put a smile on my face. She is responsible for maintaining my workout routine throughout lockdown.

Lottie Daisy - Lottie does 30 minute Ab attack sessions. She has abs of stone, is so motivating and has an amazing workout wardrobe.

Holly Dolke - I love skipping. Skipping raises my heart rate through the roof and leaves me with the satisfaction of having a full body workout after completing a 30 minute skip. I’m half way through a skipping challenge on the app, Crossrope.

Lockdown made me try something I would have never tried if I wasn’t forced to. And that’s running outside. I can’t say I fully enjoyed it, but I did it.

I was doing workouts every day (partially to cope with the stress of lockdown). And then I slumped. When rules started to ease, I was meeting friends In the park more, which saw my workout habits disappear. I completely destroyed all my hard work, I was eating a lot more (as the restaurants were open and after 5 months of eating my own cooking, I wanted something a bit more edible), I didn’t have that much energy and the routine I built up that structured my day had been lost.

On July 24th, that changed once again. This was the date, gyms and fitness centres in the U.K. got the go-ahead to open if they could confidently provide safe measures for all gym-goers. I won’t lie, I wasn’t rushing to the gym, I certainly wasn’t the first at the gym door. I went back almost a month after they opened (mainly for safety concerns)

As ridiculous as it sounds, the thing I also loved about going to the gym was the workout wardrobe. A new gym kit always motivates me into working out more. Looking fashionable but also having functionality that is fit for purpose is a top priority of mine when going to the gym. Which is why I am ever so thankful to brands like Boudavida (who have kindly gifted the clothing for this blog post) for keeping my gym wardrobe functional, fresh and fashionable.

Boudavida are a UK based brand that aim to make women feel great, whilst inspiring us to get more active and most importantly ENJOY being active. All whilst wearing the best of the best garments. They are one of the sustainable companies I actively support due to their commitment to support a number of charities, with 5% of every purchase from Boudavida going to support communities across the UK.

So let’s talk about the gym wear. Boudavida sent me over the Resolve Jacket in White. I always throw on a Coat or Bomber Jacket on when I go to the gym and don’t really have a dedicated ‘gym’ jacket. Which would’ve come in handy when I was going on runs in the cold, blistering winds of South East London.

There are three things that I LOVE about the Resolve jacket. The first is the colours - White and Rose Gold. Need I say more? And secondly, the quality. The material is so thick and super soft which makes it super cosy and luxurious. The fit is really true to size, so fits like a glove for me. I love the luxurious feel of the jacket and i know it’s one that will stay in my wardrobe for a long time. And finally, the finger loops. I didn’t know I needed finger loops in my jacket before I got this Boudavida one.

And then we have the Swagger Tee in Light grey/White - I don’t own a lot of longer length t-shirts, so this one is a nice addition to my wardrobe. Again, the quality of this piece is unreal. It feels so soft and is perfect to throw over a pair of leggings. Whilst working out from home, and at a gym class I usually wear a sports bra and leggings, so having a t-shirt to throw over on the top to wear on my way to and from the gym is what I need.

I don’t think I’m ready to go back to the gym full time, as I’ve become a lot more aware of my surroundings due to COVID-19. So I will be mixing and matching, heading to the gym once or twice a week, then doing home workouts for the remaining 3/4 times, still a great opportunity to feel great in my Boudavida gym gear.

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