An Honest Review of The Bioderma Laboratoire Dermatologique Hydrabio Range

24 August 2020

Skincare has always been a priority of mine.

I’ve never suffered from a major skin problem that most teenagers seem to go through such as acne, or dry skin. And I think that’s down to having a great skincare routine from the age of 11 (my mum taught me young). Whether it' Vitamin C to increase my glow, retinol, or putting on sunscreen on before make up (which we should all do FYI) - I’m always looking to improve my skin quality. 

Which is why trying out new skincare products is one of my favourite hobbies. With more time at home I have (like every other girl on your twitter and Instagram feed) been trying out new products. This time round I’m trying out Bioderma Laboratoire Dermatologique. 

If you’ve never heard of Bioderma, they are a French owned pharmaceutical company that specialises in dermatological treatments designed to improve the skins health. 

Everyone knows French skincare is THE best. Secondly, as I’ve gone through my teenage years, I’ve started to appreciate the science behind skincare more, and Bioderma are all about that. 

I have been following Bioderma and their products for a while and was kindly sent some products to review. Their value of exobiology means that respecting the skins ecosystem and delivering results are at the heart of all their products.  Bioderma recognise that the skin is an ecosystem that constantly interacts with the environment, as well as events in our life that cause stress and damage the skins natural defences. 

So whether it’s oily skin, dry skin, allergies or dehydration that you suffer from, there is certainly something at Bioderma to ensure your skin is nursed back to health.  As someone who suffers from the quite dry skin, the Bioderma Hydrabio range was just screaming my name. Their Hydrabio range is for adults and teens with dehydrated skin. The range aims to rehydrate the skin and leave it glowing and radiant. What I also loved is the fact that after spending an hour (or maybe 2) on the Bioderma website I learnt a lot more about some of the reasons why my skin was losing water and what was actually making it dry. 
Let’s start with the Hydrabio Masque (I’m only starting with this one as I’m wearing it whilst I type up this review) 
The Hydrabio Masque is patented with Aquagenium™ technologies which increase hydration, stimulate the skin's cellular capabilities, and keeps water locked into the surface for long term hydration. To see the best results, instructions state to apply this prodduce once a day for the first week, then once or twice per week after this.  Whilst I didn’t follow the ‘use once a day for the first week' suggestion - I used this twice in the first week and saw very noticeable results. My skin was left feeling plump and soft. I am normally put off by hydration masks as they can be quite oily,  but not this one (especially as you remove the excess with a cotton pad). The masque finds a way to naturally redirect water to my face without going overboard and equating hydration to oil. Every-time I use this, I am still in shock to see the fresher, plumper and more vibrant results (as seen in the below image), but what is even more impressive is the fact that I am not left feeling greasy at any point. 

I was also sent their Hydrabio Creme and Gel Creme - both of which can be used on a daily basis. The major difference between the two is that the Gel Creme targets those that have dehydrated, sensitive — normal to combination skin, whereas the Creme is a bit more powerful and is for those with dry to very dry sensitive skin. Similar to the Masque, the Cream is powered by Aquagenium™. This creamy and rich Creme has a hydration efficacy of 8 hours leaving the skin nourished for a long time. If I I was living in a country with a dry climate, I could definitely see the need for this. Whilst it worked for my slightly dehydrated skin, absorbed super quickly and provided lasting radiance, I don't feel like my skin is at the extreme end of dry, so I could probably take something much lighter. But before I move onto that, this product deserves a massive shout out as it also didn’t clog my pores, which can be a problem for cremes that are thick.

A week later, I tried the Hydrabio Gel Creme - the lighter one of the two. I put it on and within minutes I noticed a softer face. Due to the Gel nature of the product, it dried quite quickly and didn't leave any excess residue on my face. I can certainly see how this is the perfect everyday moisturiser and how it works a treat as a base for makeup too. On the first day of using it, I put my make up on after using the moisturiser and it perfectly glided on (I sometimes find with moisturisers, they leave it super difficult to apply foundation on afterwards). Another thing that makes this the perfect moisturiser and foundation base is the smell, there is not a terrible, overriding strong smell which stays around all day, instead it’s a light, sweet fragrance.  The icing on top of the cake is that the two cremes contain Vitamin E, which boosts the skins barriers against oxidative stress and combat premature ageing.

I’ve officially named the part of my bathroom shelf where I keep my Bioderma Hydrabio range ‘Hydration Station’. With the weather changing, I highly recommend the Hydrabio range from Bioderma to lock the moisture into your skin as we enter the autumn and winter months. 

I also have a bit of hyper-pigmentation, which I recently learnt was caused by an increase in the natural pigment that gives our skin, hair and eyes their colour, Melanin. Bioderma have a range which targets pigmented skin, so that is next to try on my skin journey. 

You can purchase Bioderma products on the Naos Website


*These products are PR Samples from Bioderma. 
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