A Tall Girls Guide To Wearing Shorts

30 July 2020

I'm tall. I'm 5'11. I have always loved my height, and thankfully have never felt self conscious due to my height - which I know is a feeling a lot of tall girls experience.

Back in May, I started the hashtag #tallgirlfashiondiaries on Instagram to share my trials and tribulations of wanting to find cute clothes that aren’t too short and are tall friendly.

It was born out of 10 fashion struggles I experience as a tall girl:

▪️ Cute dresses that look more like a shirt
▫️Finding playsuits and shorts that don’t give you a wedgie is a task
▪️Clothes that shrink at a rate of 6225252 when you put them in the washing machine are a massive problem
▫️The ‘when to wear heels’ dilemma
▪️ The rips in ripped knee jeans are never on the knee
▫️Proportions are shocking. Longer leg length = larger waist
▪️ Bending over is a no in dresses and skirts
▫️Mirror selfies never get your whole outfit in
▪️Tall girl = Big feet = Ugly shoes (and it's always the ugly ones that appear during shoe sales)
▫️Every top is a crop top

As the summer months are here, and the weather in the U.K. is surprisingly nice, it's the perfect opportunity to wear a pair of shorts. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of tall ranges in shops to buy shorts suitable for tall girls from, but nothing beats a tall girl sharing her tips to other tall girls. 

Tip 1: Embrace your height
I like to think of being tall as vertically blessed. No-one should feel ugly because of their height (I know, we've got a long way to go) but long legs are beautiful and can and should be shown off. One thing I hate is when I look on the internet for tips on how to dress better according to my longer body shape and come across statements such as ' Tall girls should never wear vertical stripes'

I'm tired of people telling us what we shouln't wear.

Don't. listen. to. stupid. rules.

I've always been told that Vertical stripes have an elongating and slimming effect so make petite girls look taller. And apparently this is something that I, as a tall girl should stay away from. Well, as you can see in these pictures that I am wearing vertical stripes.

All my tips will be super positive and they will certainly NOT tell you not to wear anything. 

Tip 2: The looser the better
At 24, I've reached the age where I realise wearing short shorts is never going to look cute on me. For me, as someone with more limbs and legs, it can verge on looking tacky so I tend to keep to longer lengths. If you're looking for all the loose, tailored and long shorts inspiration, check out fellow tall girl Charlotte on Instagram.

Tip 3: It's all about the balance
Tall can be classified in two ways. Long legs or long torso - knowing which one you have is key to dressing. If your torso is longer than your legs, try wearing just above-the-knee, high-waisted shorts with a crop top to balance out your figure. And if your legs are longer than your torso, it's a longer top over with just above the knee shorts. Basically just above the knee shorts are the best!

Tip 4: Use prints.
Wearing prints or bold colours on your top half of the body can perceive your body to be in a balanced proportion. 

Outfit 1
Hat // Nasty Gal
Shirt // Nasty Gal
Shorts // Nasty Gal

* Nasty Gal items bought before the Boohoo group wage investigations 

Outfit 2
Playsuit {PR Product} // Nive Girl
Bag {PR Product} // Dorothy Perkins 


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