Black Tops For Every Occasion

11 May 2020

*some items in this post are gifted*

I’ve stopped trying to convince myself to wear colour because it’s just not going to happen. Black is and will always be my favourite colour to wear. I’m fully aware that it can make my skin look sunken and dull as opposed to brighter colours which add a bit of glow to the skin, but whilst I’m in my youth and have that natural glow, black it is. As I’m a seasoned pro in wearing black, especially black tops, my blog post today is dedicated to black tops for every occasion. Well 4 occasions.

The office

Finding a black top for the office is one of the easiest yet hardest tasks. The traditional office shirt comes in two colours - black and white. As someone who can’t wear white for the life of me (coffee stains, lipsticks marks and pen explosions are just too risky), my only option is black. Which is great as it gives me a lot more flexibility when it comes to the bottom half of my outfit. I can wear all the prints and patterns in the world without having to worry too much about committing a major clashing crime (a massive pro of wearing black).

The downside is, black work tops tend to be boring. A quick google using the keywords ‘black work blouses’ proves that. But as someone who has over 15 black work tops (I counted) my favourites are ones that have a statement element to them but are subtle enough for the work place. Which is why I love this black lace blouse from Femme Luxe Finery, there are some great golden pieces on this site. I love this lace blouse because a) it’s lace and is done in a suitable way which if you pair with a black vest top underneath brings a bit of sensible style to the workplace b) can we also have a moment of silence for this beautiful tie detailing on the collar.

For the office, it might be best without the flowers.

Drinks with the girls

Evidently this isn’t happening at current (because you know, global pandemic)
So if you are doing a zoom drinking session with the girls, a black shirt with organza wins it for me every time. I love how dramatic the sleeves are which give you the choice to dress it up with accessories or leave it to let the sleeves do all the talking.

This black mesh organza shirt is once again from Femme Luxe Finery who appear to have a range of black blouses that I just love. Organza sleeves work perfectly for that ‘I’m wearing jeans and a nice top’ look.

Date night

Technically not a top but I‘m a massive fan of a black blazer dress. So I couldn’t leave this one from Tobi out. A simple black blazer dress is a step up from a black blouse, and you don’t have to think about your bottoms. Or accessories to that matter because literally every colour bag, pair of shoes or piece of jewellery goes with a black dress.

I like mine quite simple so I’ve paired it with a dainty gold necklace from Tobi.

Festival season

Again, one to exercise with caution as festival season is not happening this year.
But if you are having a garden festival with the people in your house, a black top with a rock and roll edge to it works a treat. Which is I love this top with Cut Out detail at the back from New Look.

I’ve paired it with a black denim skirt to wear around the house (because the festival never stops) and a fedora. I’ve gone for the young Kate Moss grunge look and will be adding a pair of Dr Martens boots and a leather fringed jacket when I can wear it outside.

So there we have it, 4 of my favourite situations to don a black blouse (let’s be honest, I’ll never say no to a black blouse). What’s your favourite?

M x
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