Home Comforts: Ways To Treat Yourself Without Leaving The House

13 March 2020

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When I'm not creating content, attending events, working in the corporate world, exercising or trying to socialise with friends, I am relaxing. We live a life where there are so many things to balance and this means that no matter how hard we are working, we don't always have the opportunity to look after ourselves or even treat ourselves.

If you're someone who has so many things to balance, you've got to figure out the little ways to treat yourself. Coming at you with my favourite ways to treat myself at home. No money, No time? No problem.

Have A Spa Day At Home
Everybody deserves to feel polished and pampered and going to a spa can cost a small fortune. Recreating that feeling at home is just as good. You can easily buy face masks (my favourite is a  Eucerin mask), and run a nice steamy bath, and even get some personalised bathrobes that you've got that sensation of a spa.

Netflix And Chill
If we don't want to get out from underneath the covers why should we? On a Saturday, if you really don't want to do anything, take the opportunity to lie in bed and watch your favourite box set all day.  Instead, think about it as a way to rest and recuperate. We don't have the opportunity to sit around and do nothing these days. If you really feel the need to recharge and not do anything, listen to your instincts!

Order A Takeaway
A take away is nice and indulgent way to get good food without going out! Team it with the Netflix and Chill to end the perfect day relaxing in bed all day! And even if you don't finish the takeaway, you've got leftovers for the next day. It's win-win!

Spend Time With A Book
A very simple thing, but it can be rejuvenating in so many ways. If we haven't had the opportunity to read a book or listen to a podcast, taking that opportunity to lay back and just absorb ourselves in something can make us forget all our troubles. There is something wonderful about making a cup of tea, lying on the couch, and losing yourself in a piece of fiction (won't judge you if you opt for non-fiction). When we spend so much time running around trying to please other people it's one of those simple ways that we can be self-indulgent but also challenge ourselves.

If you don't like sitting there doing “nothing” you might be surprised how much a little meditation session can rejuvenate you. Instead of sitting there with your legs crossed going “om” think about installing an app like Headspace that can give you guided meditations. You only need 15 or 20 minutes and you can feel like someone else.

Unplug From Tech
If you feel so stressed you might want to consider unplugging from tech. Taking that opportunity to not look at your phone can give you a new perspective on your life. If you are someone that is always checking your phone but also not communicating with your friends properly taking that opportunity to put your mobile phone in a drawer, even if it's for a few hours, can help you breathe a sigh of relief. If you really cannot unplug from technology there are numerous apps that can block social media usage!

Do Some Baking
For many people (not me, because I can't bake to save my life), this is one of the most therapeutic methods but it also gives you a delicious piece of cake at the end of it! Baking is one of those activities that can help release tension, especially when you are kneading dough, but it can stimulate the senses because of the smell. Also, taking the opportunity to learn a new recipe while spending hours in the kitchen can help you to purge stressful thoughts. Baking is probably one of the most therapeutic things that anybody can ever do, with two good results - less stress, more sugar.

So there we have it, plenty of excuses of opportunities for you to unwind, recharge, learn something new and indulge yourself!

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