A Personalised Mother’s Day with MyPostcard

9 March 2020

This post is in collaboration with MyPostcard, however, all opinions are my own.

I’m sure we can all agree that Mothers deserve more than one day of the year to hear how amazing they are, drink Prosecco and be showered in gifts. In honour of Mother's Day, this year I wanted to create something a bit different and something that could be looked at for days, months and years on end (because most mums are hoarders, right?), so I enlisted the help of MyPostcard –a mobile app and website that allows you to create personalised printed postcards and greeting cards on your phone, then have them printed and sent straight to the letterboxes of your friends and family anywhere in the world.

There have been countless times in my life where I have turned to my mum for advice, to bail me out or as a shoulder to cry on. Whether you’ve asked for it or not (usually not), mothers always give that piece of advice that you don’t know you need.

So…I bet you’re thinking, what’s so great about a mother’s advice?
You don’t realise the importance of it at the time but as the saying goes, Mums are always right. As sharing is caring, I’ll share the pieces of motherly advice that have helped me the most throughout my 23 years of life.

The first bit of practical advice I received from my mum provided me with the confidence to know that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. My mum taught me to always follow my heart. If I’m not intentionally hurting someone, doing something illegal or immoral, I should go for whatever I wish to go for. Whenever, I would be lacking in confidence or scared to do something, she’d always tell me to “say to yourself…I can do this”. Also, I was often greeted by the response of "as long as you tried your best, that’s all that matters”. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve failed or didn’t give something your all, mums are that one person who will still be proud.

Another piece of advice was to “Never chase a boy” which I never really understood until my teenage years (I’ve adapted this to never chase a boy or public transport)

And then there are the little nuggets that I will always remember…say please and thank you, be grateful for what you have, work 10 times harder than everyone else, and "Never eat on the street" (which as a child was really soul destroying when everyone around you was eating on the street - but streets are dirty places, so life lessons 101 right there)

Over the years, the one piece of advice has stuck with me like no other was “Treat people how you would want to be treated yourself”. I’m the type of person that loves putting in effort into buying gifts for others and seeing the look on their face when it’s something they have wanted or means a lot to them. Which is where MyPostcard comes in. MyPostcard is an app which allows you to design personalised photocards (including your own photos and options to add text), MyPostcard then prints these out and sends them directly to your chosen address.

As my mum and I live a few hundred miles apart, a lot of our communication is done via text or phone call. I rarely send her anything in the mail. But as I know how much she likes to hold a physical card (as I said, most mums are hoarders), MyPostcard was the go-to for that personalised, special and nostalgic card. Sending physical cards has fallen in popularity over the years, especially since the introduction of technology, making it super easy to send a quick text message or voice note instead of popping a card through a letterbox and letting royal mail (who?) deliver it to your loved ones house.

This year, I chose to ditch the text message and send my mum a set of physical cards and postcards, that she can pop above her fireplace. Because what’s better than receiving a set of physical cards and postcards? A *personalised* set of physical cards and postcards!

So…how does MyPostcard work?

1. Download the App
Head to the App store and download the MyPostcard app For Android | For iOS (it’s free)

2. Choose a style of card that you like.
The MyPostcard App splits all the postcards and greeting cards into categories, so if you’re looking for Christmas (too early?), Birthday, Congratulations, A Thank You, Graduation, Mother’s Day, – there WILL be a style of card for you on the MyPostcard App.

3. Get creative 

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of stationary shops where you can pick up cute cards from. But how many of those cute cards in those stores have an image of you and your loved one’s faces on? It’s true when they say a picture speaks 1000 words. You can even upload (up to 6) of your own photos straight from Instagram. Then add text. Want to write a paragraph? Or a poem? With the free text option, you can! There are lots of fonts to choose from to add a bit of personality to the card. There is even an option for you to add music or a recording to a card (which of course, I did).

I love something that is easy to use but delivers results. MyPostcard have created a very usable and easy app, that is designed in a way which flows logically, from one step of the design to another, allowing you to put all your effort into the design itself. 

4. Preview your card
Choose the address and then send, and sit back – MyPostcard take care of all the delivery logistics

5. Wait for the card to get delivered and watch the face of your loved one light up.
It really is that easy and effective!

I love the fact you can load prints from previous orders, so if you loved a design you don’t have to lose it but can reload it again. I was slightly nervous that the postcards and cards would not look like what I designed. But I was so wrong. The quality of the 3 MyPostcard Mother’s Day personalised cards I received were amazing! They looked exactly how I had designed them and the quality of the cards themselves were so high! It’s a great way to provide a personal touch to someone who lives miles away from you. With postcards and cards starting from just £1.99, there is something for every budget. 

Whoever the mum, grandma, aunty or mother like figure you choose to celebrate on the 22nd March, do it with a special touch from MyPostcard.

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