The Knee High Boot Hacks You (k)Need To Know

11 November 2019

*some items in this post have been gifted, these are marked with an asterisk*
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the title.

My favourite choice of footwear around this time of year is the Over The Knee boot, OTK boot for short. Over The Knee boots are comfy, cosy and make me feel like I’m walking around in an episode of Gossip Girl (albeit they wear knee high socks, not boots) Also the added benefit of not having to shave my legs is what really makes me reach out for the OTK boot, but who is really wearing OTK boots because of that reason? Definitely me. 

One thing I often despise about them is the universal problem of how they fall down as soon as I take two steps. My legs aren’t even that skinny but no matter how tight I tie them or how slowly I walk, my Over The Knee boots always end up falling to around my ankles. Not the look I’m going for.

I will always dream of buying a pair of Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee boots. However, with a price tag of £650 upwards, I’ll stick to these from ASOS Design paired with a handful of hacks to stop them falling down (for now)

How to stop your knee high boots falling down 
  • Add an extra layer of texture
The most common hack is wear tights, leggings or knee high socks with a pair of OTK boots. This gives them something to grip onto. For extra grip, woolly tights or leggings do the best job. If you don’t want your socks to be seen, choose a pair that are the same length as your boots. For tights, I always go for a pair matching my skin tone.
  • Fashion tape
Similar to the concept of sellotape.  Stick a piece of fashion tape (double sided) to the inside of your boot and then your leg. Many online stores and department stores sell Fashion Tape for less than £5.
  • For double security, do a combination of the above two hacks. 
Wear your knee high socks/tights, and apply one side of the adhesive tape to the socks/tights and the other to the boots. 

  • Use a scarf. 
If you tie a thin scarf just above the largest part of your calf, the scarf acts as a blocker for the boots sliding down. 

  • Style it out and scrunch your boots. 
When the boots fall, leave them and wear them UTK (erm...Under The Knee?). You’ve created a new style without spending any money.

And there we have it, 5 hacks for keeping your Over The Knee boots up this Autumn Winter (let’s just pretend the final one is a really useful hack)

Outfit details 

* - gifted 

Jumper* - Cara In The Sky (One of my favourite up and coming brands to watch) via Silk Fred
Skirt - Missguided (old) 
Boots - ASOS 
Backpack* - Gaston Luga... Gaston Luga are offering 25% as part of their Singles' Day offer up until 13th November. Get your 25% off all Gaston Luga products now! Missed this deal? You can still use my code MAYA for a 15% off all year round.

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