How To Find Your Own Style

2 October 2019

Oscar de la Renta once said “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

Fashion changes. Fashions come in one week and go out the next , but what remains consistent is individual style.

Defined as ‘Fashionable elegance and sophistication’, style is all about you as individual, how you carry yourself - it’s something that cannot be bought. It should reflect your life, celebrate your individuality and personality.

But how does one get style and become ‘stylish’?

I guess there’s not really a set way on how you become stylish, but there are a few loose guidelines to help you find your own style (I promise not to get too deep with this blog post)

Understand your body shape
Dressing with your body shape in mind is key! Understanding your body shape creates a well balanced silhouette and thus a well balanced outfit.

Traditionally, there are five main body shapes: Apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle and inverted triangle. The first step to buying the right clothes is knowing your body.

Understand your colours
I’ve often been told that I need to wear more colour.

My skin has orange undertones so whenever I wear orange it goes so nicely (if i say so myself). My skin lights up and has a glow to it which is brought about due to the fact I’m wearing a colour that goes with my skin tone and texture to give my look an added dimension. For a quick introduction into your skin undertones and how to work with them, see the table below.

Look for inspiration
We’ve all been there... seen a person and said ‘I love her style’. Some of us, more than others as I look at how many pins I’ve saved on my Pinterest (shameless plug).

Although this post is about finding your style, it is worth noting down some of your favourite style icons to figure out the details of what you do and don't like.

Trends are always going to be a big part of my life, I’m a fashion blogger after all! But I’m learning to look for trends at a cost which isn’t going to break my bank, and spend a bit more on the staple pieces such as coats, sunglasses and bags. My classic silhouettes i.e. a pencil skirts or black jumper tend to be bought from the mid range stores (Uniqlo is an absolute fave)

Know What you do best. 

As much as people will try and tell you that this item looks good on you, you’re the only person that will REALLY know! I know that as I'm quite tall, longer skirts tend to look better on me - hence why this Khaki Skirt is one of my favourites. You will feel most comfortable in those items that you look great in, fact.

And finally, Be Confident. 

What’s the point of style if you’re not staying true to yourself? Style is your opportunity to be creative and experiment with different patterns, textures, accessories, and shoes. Feeling confident never goes out of style.


Outfit Details. Jacket//Zara (old). Vest Top//New Look. Skirt//(similar)
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