Exploring Puerto de Mogán

28 October 2019

I’ve been to Gran Canaria more times than I can count. It’s always been a family favourite of mine for a number of reasons...guaranteed warm temperatures and knowing you can go back to the same restaurant year on year and still be greeted by the same people. This summer marked my first time going back after 5 years. It’s safe to say I missed it.

I even explored a new place. That place being Puerto de Mogán.

Mogán is a town and a Spanish municipality in the southwestern part of the island. Within Mogán, there is a fishing village called ‘Puerto de Mogán’. Or as some like to call it thanks to the Canals linking the marina to the fishing harbour, 'Little Venice'. There’s also a market on a Friday, so if you’re there, why not pop along. And the main reason why I went? Floral streets and beachfronts for days.

How to get there?
Situated in the southwest part of the island, Mogán is easily accessible by road and sea. We opted for the sea (because boujee). Our boat ticket was €16 for a return trip from Anfi del Mar (where we were staying).

What to eat?
There is no shortage of places for food and drink around the marina and beach front. Walk down the archaeological site Cañada de los Gatos (valley of the cats) to get to the beach. Although I’m not too sure why it’s called valley of the cats...I didn’t see a single cat. 

We ate at Casito Mediterraneano, a busy but good quality restaurant on the marina front. The food was delicious and it is obvious that all ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality which is why the prices may be slightly higher than the average restaurant in Puerto de Mogan. But 10/10 for all the paella, seafood and sangria Casito Mediterraneano had to offer.

It's perfect for a day trip, so if you're visiting Gran Canara, Puerto de Mogán should be on the top of your to-do list.

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