What's In My Summer WorkWear Capsule Wardrobe

16 July 2019

I used to think I had workwear down to a T.

I thought I knew all the possible combinations of stylish workwear - pencil skirt and blouse, trousers and shirts, jumpsuits and blazers. The majority in the colour black, of course. That was until the weather improved and temperatures of over 24 degrees left me saying well, what do I wear now?

Gone are the days where I wake up, check the temperature, panic as I don't know what to wear and then chuck on whatever is on the top of my chair (we all have that chair)

This year I said no more. 

I'm actually going to have a summer work wardrobe that will take me back to the 'I have this down' feeling. Say hello to statement suits, smart shirts and short skirts (just kidding on that last one, got to have those office boundaries). I pulled together my capsule work wardrobe designed to carry me throughout the summer months by rotating a few signature pieces to create a number of different outfits.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion. The idea is that you then mix these with seasonal pieces to create various looks. 

Side Note: If you type 'wo' into Google, the second result is 'work capsule wardrobe'.

So, what are the core items of my summer workwear capsule wardrobe?

1. A lightweight Blazer

Linen is a popular choice. Ideally something simple and practical for when the heavy black blazer becomes redundant but the office air conditioning is in full force. 

Blazer from Nasty Gal. Trousers from Nasty Gal
2. Matching Trousers

The great thing about getting a matching trouser and blazer set is that you can Mix 'n' Match. Wear the blazer on its own, wear the trousers with a blouse, wear them both together - the options are endless. 

Choice of colour is optional, but have you SEEN this blue suit from Nasty Gal.

3. A Sleeveless Blouse 

Something that can be slipped under the blazer is a sleeveless blouse. Purchase 3 (because all good things come in 3) in black, white and grey. H&M is the place to go for the basics.

If you do fancy a blouse with a longer sleeve, I turned the stone shirt dress from Femme Luxe Finery (gifted) into a shirt and paired it with the suit.

4. A Midi Skirt 

The Pencil Skirt will have to wait until Autumn. Summer skirts need to allow movement. She In do a great range of pleated midi skirts in all the colours of the rainbow. 

5. Culottes

These are my equivalent of jogging bottoms for work - they're comfy with the added bonus of looking structured. Make sure the fabric isn’t sheer or wrinkle-prone for added polish. I bought my favourite culottes over at ASOS.

6. Nude Heels

Nude goes with everything!! Pretty Little Thing kindly gifted me the ones pictured.

7. A Black Bag 

No explanation required. Reversible bags are a bonus. Zara are the gods of the reversible work bag.

8. Slip On Loafer Mules

Running late? Just slip on a pair of loafer mules and you're good to go. AND you look cute without the pain. Until I can justify the Gucci ones, these ones from Simply Be make the perfect substitute.

9. A Crisp White Shirt. 

White shirts (like nude heels) go with anything and everything. Hawes & Curtis are my favourite shirt shop.

10. A-line shirt dress

This is the only outstanding item to purchase for my workwear capsule wardrobe. It is my ultimate work wear item and can be easily be worn on its own or paired with another item. The Boohoo Broderie Anglais Puff Sleeve Button Midi Dress is the dress of dreams.

So there we have it, the 10 items that make up my summer workwear capsule wardrobe. What's in your capsule wardrobe? 

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