What Maya Wears...To A Summer Wedding

11 July 2019

Summer Wedding season is upon us! 

Your invitation has arrived, the gift is sorted, you’ve briefed your plus one on all the embarrassing stories they're going to hear. Your new dilemma? Your outfit. Wedding outfits are a hard one. The ultimate wedding outfit should feel comfortable (solely because of all the food and drink that’s got to be consumed at a wedding, not to mention the dancing that has got to be done). But it's a fine line as you don’t want to look so good that you outshine the bride. If it happens, it happens - I’m not taking any responsibility for that. #ItIsWhatItIs

Who says finding the perfect wedding outfit was only tricky for the bride? Finding a wedding-worthy outfit as a guest can be difficult/challenging/emotional.

Which brings us to the ultimate question, what the hell do I wear? 

Well, every question is scientifically proven with an answer, so here’s the A* answer to the wedding dress dilemma.

Between being heavily experienced in binge watching 'Don’t Tell The Bride', coupled with attending the weddings of friends and family, as well as scrolling the occasional wedding feed (for no more than 30 seconds), you could say I am practically an expert in prepping for a summer wedding.

Whether the wedding is a black tie soiree, traditional church, backyard setting, beach in Mykonos or festival themed wedding in a field. Let’s get into all the things I look for in the perfect wedding outfit….

Attention to detail
Prints are where I really feel like I can venture out of my comfort zone (of black). And wear something that I wouldn't normally wear as a day to day outfit. Say hello to all the eye-popping prints, voluminous ruffles and lace details. No-one will bat an eye lid if I turned up to a wedding party in all three because a) it’s a wedding and b) intoxication.

Floral prints as pictured in the outfit pics are the most traditional prints for wedding guest, and are used and abused throughout the season as they scream that easy, effortless summer look.

Safe length
A light and flowy maxi dress is a wedding staple. Firstly, who can say no to loose fabric? It ooooozes class. However, as floor-length gown isn’t always the most practical option for a hot summer wedding, a mid-length is perfect. And if you are conscious about your legs (or run out of time to shave), they are a great alternative when it comes to keeping covered. 

I love the look of a spaghetti strap dress, midi length dress but with those types of dresses, it’s all or nothing (i’m talking bra). It’s so much easier to go braless with these styles, hence they’re more suitable for the smaller-boobed women, unless you have a good bra on hand that you’ve already road-tested.


A wedding classic is the wrap dress. The draping hides everything that needs to be hidden when I’m 7 plates full of food. Find me a picture of a body shape that looks bad in a dress with draping because I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen it. 

Anything with ruffles also has this effect, either taking the attention away from my stomach or hiding it via a gorgeous detailing. The fabric of a wrap dress is what makes the dress, it’s not too restricted or revealing but super comfortable.

The cleavage

My favourite part of cleavage is my shoulder (you’re thinking wtf) but a good shoulder cleavage is all you need. Hence why another hugely popular wedding dress trend, is bardot style. 

It’s flirty and is a great alternative to a cleavage bearing outfit. Wear with your hair swept up and a pair of oversized earrings for maximum impact.


Well it’s summer, the time of year people tend to wear brighter colours and for weddings the brighter, the better (this is super hard to say for the girl who is always in black). 

Pastels are great when it comes to wedding; lavender, pinks, nude and yellows are my go to colours.


As I mentioned (a number of times) earlier, weddings are the home of food. When you eat the equivalent of six pigs and 2 cows (or the vegan alternative of six pigs and 2 cows), comfort is key.

During the summer, sundresses are completely appropriate, and fabrics don’t have to be as heavy. For ultimate feet comfort, I normally go for a wedges or a low block heel. Because no-one wants the pain of a stiletto, and let’s not get into the practicality of walking on gravel or grass.

So you’re half way through reading the post and you’re like ‘well I’ve done this, you're wrong I’ve still not found the perfect wedding guest dress'. 

Maybe the reason you haven’t found the right dress for that wedding is because it’s not actually a dress.....

Jumpsuits, co-ords and suits are great alternatives to a traditional dress. And that worry that you have just spent a hella load of money on a outfit that you only wear once is gone...Jumpsuits, cords and suits can get more wear out of them, so if you’re using cost per wear as your metric then problem solved.

So there we have it, I’m wedding ready - I maybe wouldn’t match this dress with these gladiator sandals for a summer wedding, it's more of a summer in the city look.

NO I’m not crying at the father and daughter dance, YOU’RE crying!


Dress - River Island
Bag - Chloe Nile DUPE
Sandals - TideBuy

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