How To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

19 August 2020

I’ve often told that I need to wear more colour.

If you’ve seen the meme ‘I’ll stop wearing black when they find another colour that’s darker’, that meme was made for me. However since it’s summer and every time I shop online I’m confronted by bold colours. I've come to the conclusion that the summer months of July and August are the perfect time to start experimenting with colour. I mean, we can give it a try. No promises.

In the fear of committing a complete fashion no-no, I read up on how to wear colour (I’m serious about this new colour wearing me) and have accumulated some of my favourite colour wearing tips* into one blog post….

The Colour Wheel is your new best friend
So you’ve done the hardest part and bought a colour item - well done.

But now begs the question, what do I wear It with? The colour wheel is a great way to check what colourful pieces should be worn with what. It may sound like a suggestion you’d hear on the TV show ‘Art Attack’ but it’s 100% useful. Matching pieces which sit opposite from each other on the colour wheel will go together perfectly. 

Use the Colour Wheel to colour block.
The colour wheel is a great tool. But that’s not to say just because purple is opposite yellow, doesn’t mean you have to adhere to that and only wear your purple dress with yellow shoes. Instead of using the opposite technique on the colour wheel, you can also try colour blocking, by looking at the colours that are next to each other on the wheel.

Choose a classic silhouette
I often offset the novelty of bold colours with the classic silhouettes i.e. a pencil skirts or black jumper (you can’t trust this British ‘summer’ weather). Since you’re already going out of your comfort zone, having one item that you are familiar with takes a lot of the anxiety out of wearing something new. And as we have established on my blog, I can still get away with wearing black whilst introducing colour into my life. 

Maintain the same colour tone
You’ve got a blue skirt and a red top (colour wheeling 101) and you are now asking the question what kind of bag will go with my outfit?

Two options are blue or red.

You’ve chosen blue.

A top tip I've picked up is that the blue bag has to be the same tone as blue as the item that is already in your outfit i.e. the blue skirt, otherwise the outfit will lose balance and wont look great.

Match your undertones to make an outfit pop.
My skin has warm undertones so whenever I wear orange it just goes so nicely (if i say so myself) My skin lights up and has a glow to it which is brought up due to the fact I’m wearing a colour that just goes with my skin. Tone and texture give your look added dimension. For a quick introduction into your skin undertones and how to work with them, see the table below

Wear it with denim
Denim can immediately take the flamboyance of any outfit down a notch, giving it a casual and relaxed spin. Anchor a brightly coloured dress with a denim jacket, or a statement neon blouse with a pair of jeans and you’ll instantly give your look a laid back street style flair.

Go for one piece outfits
A dress or jumpsuit in a bright hue can be teamed with minimal accessories and simple shoes for a put together look. As seen in exhibit A

And finally know what you do best. A wide leg trouser is what I do best. And a wide leg in a bold orange is what I’m trying. My trouser pairing is teamed with a neutral colour (and my all time favourite). Neutrals such as nude, white and black highlight the statement colour you’ve got on. Choose a brightly coloured piece and style it with a black blazer. The same rule applies to accessories; lean towards neutral coloured bags and shoes to finish your look.

"Colour is millennial peacocking—it's the fastest way to stand out on an endlessly-updating feed. And when there’s no predominant apparel trend—no must-have pant shape or dress length—colour is a unifying force in fashion."

If there is any reason at all for us to be wearing bold colours, this should be it (and also the fact that wearing colour is a massive mood booster) Because if the girl that spends 98% of her time in black is trying, you can too. 

Happy colour wearing.

Dress [PR Product] // Chi Chi London 
Bag  // H&M (old)

*some items in this post are gifted*

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