Double Trouble

13 June 2019

I would never have thought I’d be dressed like a 4 year old, wearing double denim with a clip in my hair, but the things you do for fashion, hey!

I’ll never say no to a coordinating outfit, double denim falling into this category but I feel like the pairing of denim gets a lot of unnecessary scrutiny.

Even the smallest mention of double denim makes you think fashion disaster...that Britney and Justin Timberlake being one of them.

Love it or hate it (I love it), double denim is a thing.

I mean it’s all over the catwalks - so it must be a thing, right?

But with all riskayyyy trends there are some DOs and DONTs which the gods of the fashion world have created. As I'm all about the positivity, I’m only going to focus on the DOs of Double Denim.

DO wear a structured piece

Although baggy denim (MOM jeans and your boyfriends oversized denim shirt) is a trend. If I’m going to do the deed and wear double denim, I want at least one of these pieces to fit nicely and show that I at least have a body. In this outfit I’ve gone for a skinny jean. But I'm also on the hunt for a tailored pair of straight leg jeans, as this would go hand in hand with a denim shirt.


DO experiment
When I think of double denim my mind immediately goes to a shirt and shorts, or jeans and a jacket. Which is pretty standard. Why not do something different. There are some great double denim alternatives out there in the form of Culottes and Crop Tops, Dresses and Jackets, or Dunagrees and Jackets.

And that goes for the tones too! I own about 6 pairs of black denim jeans and one pair of light blue jeans. Next on my list is to experiment with a darker shade of denim. 


This is not an advertisement but one company in particular constantly nail it with denim inspiration. Hello GAP. I mean would you look at these shots. When I'm not looking at GAP adverts for inspo, I also take double denim instagram from the FourFiveSeconds music video by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney. Tripe denim galore.

Outfit Details
Coat - Missguided
Denim Shirt - Zalando
Jeans - MissPap
Shoes - Primark 

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