Suited and Booted: 5 Suits I Am Into This Spring

15 April 2019

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good suit.

Trouser suit, skirt suit, short suit...whatever it is, I am here for it. Whenever I put a matching set on I automatically feel like I have my life together, even though I may be dreaming of a Saturday night in bed eating ice cream and watching Netflix.

As spring has sprung, my wardrobe needs a couple of pieces that I can depend on to look flawless without putting in a lot of effort. In the winter, my go to was a simple knit dress for a ‘I look put together but didn’t spend more than 4 minutes on this outfit’ look. And now my winter dresses have been replaced by spring suits.

To kick off suit season, I’ve compiled a short list of all the suits in the world (or on the Internet) that I love right now.

Whilst this striped green and white Quiz two set is one of my favourites, I can't help but think that I look a bit like a man who is going to play bowls in his local park. Do people still play bowls? Rocking the 75 year old bowls playing grandad chic if I say so myself.

Whilst we're on the topic of Quiz, I’m absolutely loving this skirt and jacket suit set. Okay, so it may not be suitable for the stride into work on a Monday morning ‘she means business’ look. But it’s sassy and cute, and who doesn't want sassy and cute?

And then there's the Etophe Studios Linen Suit Set...the perfect suit for summer. A matching linen shorts suit set. Could my inner "I'm a celebrity get me out of here' contender get any more happy? I think not. Paired with a white shirt and white trainers, it's the perfect summer in the city outfit.

Next up is another linen contender (you can tell I currently love the linen trend...blogpost pending). But say hello to this sneaky little linen two piece blazer and trouser number from Primark  (2 of my favourite things are featured in this piece, linen of course and a helping of wide leg trousers). Every once in a while there is this a phenomenal item that Primark releases. One that I desperately want...but can never find. So if anyone spots the location of this little linen beauty, let a girl know.

Boden - this shop seems like the queen of the suit game at the moment, it’s all over my instagram, as is this little beauty of a suit. Nothing screams power woman more than a girl in a red suit (Addlestone Blazer and Richmond Trousers). I want be more daring when it comes to office wear and this will definitely do the trick.

ASOS Women's Suits and Separates Mix and Match is your best friend when it comes to suit shopping. This one has the best value for money on my list simply down to the concept of mix and match. Why settle for one style of suit when you can have four? Okay, maybe not as extreme, I’m not being held to encourage extravagant purchases on this blog, but the ASOS Mix and Match method is a great way to slowly accumulate a great suit collection, and who wouldn’t want that? And if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, there are lots of other women blazers on Dresshead.

Outfit Details

Green Blazer -  Quiz
White Bodysuit - Femme Luxe Finery (Gifted)  
Green Trousers - Quiz 

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