Champagne Taste on Lemonade Budget: Getting More for Your Money and How to Look Expensive

25 March 2019

This post was a collaboration with Everything £5 pounds, in which they kindly gifted the jacket.

When I was growing up, I used to think the more you spent on clothes, the better you looked.

Later in life (I sound like I’m 50)...I actually realised you look good depending on how an item is styled and whether you incorporate your own individual flair. Trends come and go, and you spend a lot of money on the latest trend and still look shocking.

I don't think you need to spend a lot of money to be stylish or fashionable. Obviously, there are items like the classic Chanel handbags that go up in value ... I won’t be saying no to one of those any time soon. So if anyone has a spare £5000 I’m here.

But when it comes to style, you don’t have to be wearing the most expensive or most recent thing, it’s all about how things are worn, whether they’re old, new, borrowed or cheap.

The value lies in how you wear and excuse the soppiness, but what it means to you.

That said, there are also two secrets of mine that can make you look a million dollars at minimal price. Champagne taste on lemonade budget as my mum puts it. The first of which is The website where everything is priced guessed it, £5. 500 whole pennies for a coat or a blouse or a pair of shoes and I bet you’re thinking ‘is it really £5?’, ‘how is that even possible?’

Well let me tell you. is an online retailer, no different from your favourite online shop apart from the fact that everything is £5. The trick is that sell excess or unsold stock in bulk from your favourite high street retailers, don’t worry you’re not going to second items or rejects, but you’re also not going to get Max Mara or Victoria Beckham (but if you do, let a girl know). However, let’s all just take a moment to appreciate this beauty of a Chanel inspired jacket. Not the real thing but close.  

I can confirm that this jacket is probably my favourite spring item of 2019. Just look at it. I can team it with a blouse and a pair of jeans, or a cute spring dress and heels. It’s very adaptable and gives off the very expensive, luxury vibes - when in reality I would’ve paid just £5.

The site sells everything from shoes to clothes to accessories. It’s not for everyone but take the time and search through the listings because there a lot of gems there.

Another top tip for maintaining champagne taste on lemonade budget is by setting sale alerts. Saving & bookmarking items you have your eye on is a great shout, as retail websites and apps will often provide you with the option to receive price drop alerts and real-time stock notifications when the right time to purchase approaches- it’s practically saving money (right?) 

And when you have the pieces, if looking expensive/boujie is the aim, there are loads of ways which you can do so at minimum cost.

Accessorise: Jewelry is the ultimate make or break item of an outfit. Style it well, it can elevate any outfit. I’m a big fan of clunky jewellery in the day and simple pieces for an evening look. That’s not to say all my jewellery is mega expensive, but whenever I wear it, I use it to drill into the classic and timeless look.

Tailor: Ever loved a dress so much but it’s too big? And then you’ve tried the next size down and it won’t go past your bum cheeks - story of my life. Taking an item to a tailor, for a quick nip and tuck to suit your body shape and give the item the correct finish, can add a bit of $$$ to any look.

Matchy Matchy: To look extra polished and put together, match your shoes to your handbag in terms of colour and style.

Outfit Details

Jacket - Everything 5 pounds. You can use the code WHATMAYADID5 for more money off but the discount code only lasts for a limited amount of time so be quick!
Blouse - Boohoo
Jeans - ASOS
Shoes - Missguided (I can only find the link to the Valentino Rockstud, however missguided did a really good version on their website a couple of years ago for a fraction of the price)

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