thank u, next

10 December 2018

In the last month I've learnt there is a difference between crying and ugly crying. Ugly crying is the type of crying that results in your £30 foundation streaming down your face and neck. It’s the type of crying that can go on for a whole weekend (or a month). As dramatic as it sounds, we've all been in a position where a relationship whether it was a friendship, romantic or family oriented has deteriorated and you left feeling empty. They'll always be this people that you get close to, experience good times, a few not so good times and some amazing times, you laugh together, cry together, and experience a hand full of firsts together - it's all part of that amazing ride they call a relationship. So when it ends and you come to the realisation that you have nothing with that person, it doesn't feel great. And that’s currently where I am at.

And then what comes along to make me feel a bit better...Arianna Grande's new single, 'thank u, next'. And when I say better, I mean to the point where I now shed a few tears and not a waterfall.  The thought of thanking an ex never came across my mind until I saw a quote that said every encounter in life teaches such something (I'm paraphrasing) And ultimately makes you a better person.

In an interview Arianna says 'thank u, next' was inspired by the exes that she's grateful for her past relationships have taught her lessons of love, patience, and pain. It's all about embracing the bumps in the road yet also about loving yourself and being comfortable spending more time on your own as an individual. So if Arianna can feel like that after heartbreak, why can't you and I?

Unlike Ari, I'm not gonna name names (mainly because I can't sing) but there a few lessons we can all learn from our past flames, and these are mine...
  • To the one that said they were too busy with work, you taught me there is a lot more to life than a job...thank u, next 
  • To the one that didn't communicate. You taught me Communication is a key component to forming a strong foundation for any relationship…thank u, next
  • To the one that broke my laptop by standing on it (Apple swapped it for a sparkly new one)...thank u next 
  • To the one that taught me my ability to forgive…thank u, next 
  • To the one that made me realise I should stop going for bad guys and stop pushing nice guys away…thank u next 
  • To the one that made me realise what regret felt like…thank u, next 
  • To the one that taught me I need to be more open…thank u next
  • To the one that promised me everything but didn't deliver, and taught to always rely on deliveroo or uber eats for delivery…thank u, next 
  • To the one that didn’t believe in second chances and taught me people mess up and sometimes need a second chance...thank u, next
  • To the one that taught me it's okay to be myself…thank u, next 
  • To the one that made me realise past relationships should not influence your present relationship…thank u, next 
  • To the one that taught me you first need to love yourself…thank u, next
  • To the one that taught me not to blame myself even when people make drunken mistakes. My self worth is not defined by someone else’s inconsiderate actions…thank u, next 
  • To the one that taught me not to give up…thank u, next. 

"One taught me love. One taught me patience. And one taught me pain. Now, I'm so amazing. I've loved and I've lost. But that's not what I see. So, look what I got. Look what you taught me." thank u, next.

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