Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers For The Girly Girl

5 December 2018

With Christmas approaching there's only one thing to think about and that's food gifts.

Gift shopping can be hard and throughout the years I've turned to many blogs for support and guidance, so this year I decided to do my own series of gift guides. The first one being rather specific and aimed at the best stocking fillers for a girly girl. 
Christmas is the time where perfume and fragrance get given like it's water. There's those people that use the same perfume and have done since they were three years old (me with Insolence by Guerlain) and some who like to experiment, which is where the sample packs come in. Perfume makes a great gift and you can pick them up at great prices too! Win-win for all. 

Everyone loves a good book. Why? Because get sick of your family come Boxing Day you can will always have your book to turn to. And of course, there are other reasons like entertainment, education and interest. I've just come off my holiday and the reading list consisted of The New Fashion Rules by Inthefrow and Becoming by Michelle Obama - perfect reads for lazing around the fire. 

Makeup makeup makeup. Where do I begin? I would usually stay clear from getting someone a foundation or concealer as you often don't know their shade and you'll have to make a lucky guess which can turn out to be a risky move. I'd recommend going for something universal like an eyeshadow, nail varnish or lip stick if you want to buy makeup - there are some great combination sets out there. 

And last but not least jewellery. The saying diamonds are a girls best friend can be appropriately inserted here. Whatever age your the person your buying for is, jewellery is a standard option. You can rarely go wrong with it. Whether it's a chunky ring or delicate necklace like this Majestic White Topaz and Silver Pendant from Nude Jewellery. Nude Jewellery gifted it to me and I can honestly say what a great gift it is! It's one of those go to pieces of jewellery that is simple enough to be worn in the day but detailed enough to be paired with an evening gown (yes, I'll be wearing it to my office Christmas party tonight).  

I love the idea of doing Christmas locally and buying presents that actually have meaning, so why buy something that's mass produced when you get something handmade by Nude designer jeweller Nikki Galloway in the Surrey and London workshop. The perfect gift. 

Well there we have it, 4 types of gifts that make great stocking fillers for a girl that's a girly girl. Today being the 5th of December means there are a whole lot of Christmas posts coming your way.


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