Why you need to visit Prague

16 October 2018

Prague was the last place on my list to visit before I ticked off all 'the top 8 European city breaks' list on lastmimute.com - talk about life goals. So, in the quest to tick the final City off my list, we boarded a plane from London Southend airport (I didn't know if existed until about a year ago) at 6am and headed to the capital of the Czech Republic. I have one friend from Prague and she has been telling me to visit for months now, protesting the fact that it's not just a place for stag weekends (#britsabroad), there are a number of reasons to visit Prague and here are just 8 of them; 

It's architecturally stunning
Prague is known as the city of 100 spires. When you see its Romanesque chapels, Gothic cathedrals and unique Cubist architecture, you completely understand why it has that nickname. I'm no expert in buildings, but I do appreciate a beautiful city when I see one - and so does my Instagram.

It's the perfect weekend break 
Whether you want to explore Prague Castle, watch the sun go down on Charles bridge, walk up the spire in the Old town hall for the most amazing views or go to the best waxwork museum in Europe (admittedly, I got sucked in and had to go) - there is more than enough to do in Prague. I was slightly sceptical our two days wouldn't allow us to see what Prague has to offer in full, but to my surprise it did. And to top it off, it's only a two-hour flight from the U.K.

Food and Drink
When in Prague, do what the Czech do! And that is drink beer and eat loads of meat. Whilst I’m not a massive beer fan, I tried (and failed) drinking my way through a beer tasting board from one of the many Prague breweries - can confirm, beer is definitely not for me, but it was a fun experience.

It's cheap
I'm not usually one to be overly protective with money when on holiday (I probably should be, but that’s another blog post). I like to go all out when on holiday (go hard or go home, right?).

Prague is super cheap, from food and drinks, to gaining access to some of the tourist attractions. As I have a Monzo account, using my card when abroad is friction-free. I didn't take any money out when in Prague, and looked at my Monzo app after the trip to find I only spent £97 on my card over the two days - and believe me, I ate all the food, drank all the cocktails and did all the sightseeing I could handle. I was certainly not watching what I was spending, but I was super surprised to see that I had spent so little for a 2-day trip. 

John Lennon Wall
The one thing I didn't do and to this day am still gutted about is visit the John Lennon wall. The wall, located in Prague became prominent after the death of John Lennon and during the communist regime in eastern Europe. It became a political statement for Prague youth who weren’t allowed to listen to Western pop music.

Taste Trdelnik 
Tredlnik is everywhere. It's a traditional Czech cinnamon pastry which you can have with almost any topping, ranging from raspberries and chocolate to sausages and pasta – you name it. One Tredlnik certainly isn't enough when in Prague...

Christmas markets
Now it's October, I'm officially starting the countdown to Christmas (too early?). And to cement the tradition of going to a European Christmas market (hardly a tradition when I've only done it for the past two years), I had a quick look at the Prague Christmas markets online. And they looked amazing. Sadly, I went in the heat of the summer so no Christmas markets for me (although I did spot a Christmas shop near Prague Castle). It’s definitely a place to visit this Christmas (I sound like a commercial) 

Every corner is a stage
Prague is famous for its classical music, operas and orchestras. There is the opportunity to watch a sit down show whilst in the city, however failing that there are music performers on every corner of Prague, especially when walking across the Charles Bridge. It’s great to just stop and take it all in.

Reasons not to visit Prague 
Your uber taxi may cancel on you.

Despite the very minor issue of being unable to secure an uber one night, Prague is an amazing place – and one where I recommend you all to visit, after all it is one of the most popular European city breaks on Lastminute.com. I stayed at the Hotel Grandium and would certainly recommend it (who wouldn’t recommend a hotel where you get Champagne with breakfast)

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