Farewell summer

30 September 2018

And so, summer is over again.

Goodbye 30 degree heat (such a rarity in the U.K). Hello autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and knitwear (I've missed you all). Its officially one week into autumn (and I've successfully overcome the first of many colds). It's also scary as it's approaching Christmas hella soon and that's another year gone (cue all those friends on Facebook that give an weekly update how long we have to go until the 25th).

I've wanted to do a quarterly update kind of thing, having been inspired by loads of other blogs and I finally plucked up the courage to share with you whats been going on in my life. Because I'm 9 months late (the latest I've ever been to something) its more like a ' my year so far' update.

Health & Fitness

My gym usage has been fairly minimal over the last couple of months (but we don't speak about that). I feel like part of the minimal usage is because I don't hold myself accountable which is why I feel like a blog post on my future health and fitness goals is well needed and will give me the kick I need.

On the plus side, this year at home I only really ever drink water when reaching for a cold drink, cutting out sugary drinks completely. Excluding the odd G&T, of course

My goal for the next three months is to hit the gym consistently at least 3 times a week (it's not a lot but I struggle) and also ensure I eat a healthy balanced diet, with decent portion sizes and (most importantly) at decent times. By the end of the year, I will have stopped the 3am McDonald's on the weekend. Okay, maybe one every month isn't too bad.

At the start of the year I gave my best attempt at meal prepping. Somewhere near the end of February, this slowly fizzled out and now I don't even own enough Tupperware to store meals for half a week. I keep telling myself I'll get into it again - so now it's written down, I am and will be held accountable.

My sleeping pattern is an odd one. Like most people, I desire to sleep 8+ hours a night, in fact another 2 hours would be ideal. However, I average around 5 and a half a night (and improving). What does make all the difference is having a Muji Ultrasonic aroma diffuser in my room - you'd be surprised at how pumping out lavender oil into your room can have such a positive impact on your sleep quality. 

At the start of the year my goal was to become a better blogger. I sat down, absorbed tips from successful bloggers and came up with my own action plan. Be more consistent, take better quality pictures and put myself out there more were all on the list. Compared to last year, I'm proud of my consistency so far, with an average of 2 posts per week (or one post when I'm super busy or tired). I have also stepped up my photography game, working with some great photographers when doing so. Shoutout to ZoeRoz and Anmol for dealing with my sometimes awkward moments in front of the camera.

And I can confidently put a big tick next to the task of putting myself out there. So far, this year I've done more collaborations and event attendances than I've ever done. It's been a learning curve understanding how to position and sell myself when it comes for bidding for campaigns. It's not like I've been taken to Bali for a press trip (that's next years goal) but what really made me think 'wow you're not doing too badly girl' was when I was asked for advice by another blogger. My goal for the remaining three months of the year is to be more selective and only work with those brands that I feel will benefit you guys the most. 

Speaking of you guys, I am so grateful for your ongoing (and increasing) readership, the likes on the 'gram and your continuous support through comments etc. So, thank you!

Over the last couple of months (well since Janurary), I've also tried to give my blog more substance. So, I'm not just speaking about what I'm wearing, I'm trying (and maybe failing) to talk about issues that are prevelant in society - as seen in my posts 'why does no one look like me?' and issues that affect 20 something year olds. I also introduced a new segment called 'fashion & society' - the segment has seen me conduct interviews with some of the most inspiring women out there (my fave is Frederica Boetang) and makes me product content I am really proud of sharing.

The cherry on top of the cake (not red velvet cake FYI) was being invited down to the BBC broadcasting house in early September. More specially, the today programme on radio 4 for the broadcasting of a London Fashion Week segment and a conversation with model Eddie Campbell. I literally spent most of my time there thinking 'how on earth did I get invited to this?' 'Why me?' Impostor syndrome is real.

Other projects
I'm a firm believer that life isn't just for working the 9-5 grind. Some of us may love our 9-5 grind, some may hate it. Whatever view you have on your 9-5, it's great to have a little side project that you're working on in the background. There is a million and one things you can do alongside having a full time job - writing a blog, having a social life, starting a business, trying to breathe and the list goes on.

By the end of the year, I want to make concrete progress towards starting my own business. I started this little passion project with great ideas and a positive attitude however as life got busy, I put it to the side - still thinking of ideas but not really doing anything to action them. Starting a business is super difficult for anyone, even more so if you want to do well in a 9-5 job. So if anyone has any tips, please throw them my way.


So far, this year has been the second best year for travel (it falls short behind the year I went to 7 different countries). I've travelled to Malta, Madrid, Milan and most recently Prague. At the start of janurary, I put together my travel wishlist and said to myself I really wanted to see more of Europe, as with brexit fast approaching who knows where I'll have access to this time next year. With the remaining three months of this year, I really want to visit Paris again, finally tick Iceland off the list  and also relax under the sun by the pool with a cocktail- I currently have both Cuba or Dubai saved in my favourites on my laptop. 

I've never felt as 'back to school' as I do now. I recently started a new job and it came with the whole back to school feeling - new stationary, new friends, new things I have to learn, new alarm clock (6am is not the one!!!). My new job is in the field I've wanted to go into since day 1 of university, so to have landed in this role a year after doing something I wasn't particularly happy doing (still grateful for nonetheless), is the cherry on top of the 'first 9 months of the year' cake.

How's your summer been?

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