Your guide to Aldgate, London

22 August 2018

 I’m currently in the process of looking for a new flat in London. I don’t think I’m particularly picky however all I’m asking for is a minimalist flat with a balcony, a mirrored wardrobe, in a new development, less than 2 minutes’ walk from a tube station and with a hot tub…okay the hot tub requirement can wait until my next flat search. My flat search recently took me to the area of Aldgate. 

I’m not sure if it was fate surrounding the Aldgate area, but after my property search I somehow ended up back in the area as part of a bloggers event hosted by the lovely Lee Anne of 'Wots her name again'  –  Julia of 'Fresh beauty fix' and Elsie of 'Elise kirsten speaks' also attended. Going to this event gave me a great chance to visit the Aldgate area again to see the atmosphere, what it was like in terms of things to do and whether I could see myself living there or not. And then I thought, surely I can’t be the only one wanting to know what are the best things to do in an area – so why nog create a blog post, hence ‘Your guide to Aldgate, London’

In terms of hotels, Dorsett City is a hotel that I highly recommend and would visit again myself. It’s also worth popping to the Jin Bow Law bar on your visit.  

Sky scraper sightseeing

If you’re new to the area or just visiting, I would recommended taking at least one trip to one of the many large sky scrapers within the Aldgate area. The Gherkin would be the obvious choice. Totalling 500,000 square foot, this extravagant building has quickly become a symbol of London since its construction in 2004.

Aim Escape 

We were lucky enough to be invited down to visit the Aim Escape rooms. Aim Escape opened earlier this year and is one of the most advanced escape room experiences. For those that haven’t been to an escape room, it is physical adventure game where you use a series of puzzles, clues and hints to escape a room.

Aim Escape is a modern escape room with 4 rooms - Psychopath's Den (the one we did and I can confirm it isn’t as scary as it sounds), Patient Zero 2150 which I’m told is technology based, Hangover Déjà Brew - an over 18 experience based on the film The Hangover and Spy Heroes’, a room perfect for the whole family as it's catered for kids aged upwards of 6 years old. 

What’s great about this experience is that it’s fun with warm and friendly staff that go the extra mile to ensure you leave having had a good time. I’ve done two escape rooms before (miserably failing both times). However Aim Escape was different in the sense that it was intellectually challenging yet came to life with the sound, visuals, design and smells within the room. A visit to AIM Escape will not disappoint. Prices start from £30. 

Another fun to do is Swingers mini golf experience. I went to the Aldgate branch of Swingers in April and it was SO fun (coming from a competitive person that can barely hold a golf club, that says a lot). Swingers is amazing, I need to plan another trip there soon. The Swingers City venue is a short walk from Aldgate East station and is based on a 1920's golf-club set in the English countryside. Your typical night out, right? With two bespoke nine hole crazy golf courses, five cocktail bars, three of London's best street-food vendors (including the best place ever...Patty & Bun!!!!), a two-story clubhouse with gin terrace and DJ nights, it’s certainly somewhere to go with a group of friends or on a date.

Clerkenwell grind

One of my favourite places to eat is at the grind chain. The Clerkenwell grind is a short walk from Barbican tube station and dare I say it, has one of the best brunches known to man. They also serve a bottomless Prosecco brunch – need I say more?


B.Y.O.C East

As the name suggests you bring your own alcohol, pay an entry fee of £30 per person and let the expert bartenders and mixologists prepare you a minimum of 5 drinks within 2 hours. I’ve never been to a bring your own alcohol bar, probably because I've found it quite hard to justify the cost of paying entry AND paying at least £20 for a bottle of spirit, as the bar recommends. But if I do the math (the accountant in me is coming through), the average cocktail in London is around £15 – when I’m out with my friends, one person will usually buy the first round and then another will buy the next round and so on. If I look at my bank statement, I recently spent £55 on two rounds at Cahoots bar in Carnaby (highly recommend, it’s a located in a ‘disused’ underground station) However, if I went to B.Y.O.C East located under the James Cochran Restaurant in Aldgate and paid £30 for entry, £20 for a bottle of spirit – that is £50 for 5 rounds as opposed to £55 for 2. 

FLAT UPDATE: I found my dream flat with everything apart from the Hot Tub requirement However, it’s a short walk from a gym (with a hot tub) if that counts for anything?!

More guides to London coming soon…

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