Finding my perfect tan

27 August 2018

Just to clarify, not that kind of tan – this post is not about the best tans in the beauty market, although the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Self Tan Spray Tan Glow is a life saver – even for us darker skin tones (insider tips divulged right there)

For as long as I can remember, I have always been highly reluctant to wearing neutral colours.

Firstly, it’s the fear of my brown make-up rubbing off on a white blouse which sends chills down my spine. Secondly, I have always thought creams and beige's don’t look 100% on me - they make me look washed out and ill.

I don't know whether I’m wearing the wrong shade of neutral for my skin tone or whether I am too used to wearing black. I have always known it’s important to wear colours that compliment your skin tone and being darker skinned - all the warm yellows, oranges and reds go with my undertones. And black – black looks great on anyone. That’s why I compromised and went for a warm neutral.

After years of trying to wear lighter colours, I’d resort to black (no surprise there). However,  in the summer of 2018, I came to terms with the fact that clothes in cooler colours, pastel hues and softer tones will make me look baby food. So, I ditched them.

Whilst it also depends on the way you style your clothes, their quality and having the perfect fit and sizing. Dark brown will always look good on those with darker skin tones (EXHIBIT A). What's key is finding something that co-ordinates with your skin tone, personality and body type.

This outfit and the colours are also very versatile for the upcoming autumn season - it's ready to be paired with heeled boots, thick tights and a polo neck jumper for ultimate autumnal vibes. 

For me, August is the month where I have to strategically shop. I will only pick up an item of clothing that will look great with a pair of sandals or trainers in the (soon to be gone) summer but also be able to dress it up in boots and a thick coat for the colder weather.

Which brings me smoothly on to my top 5 Summer to Autumn transition tips, tricks and clothing items I want...

1. A classic biker jacket is perfect at those times when you look outside, the sun is shining and it looks warm, then you step outside to realise the sun has deceived you. 

Biker jackets go with everything and do a great job allowing you to keep wearing those cute summer dresses and co-ords without freezing in the pre-autumnal weather. If I was 'boring Maya' I would lean towards a black leather jacket like this beautiful one from Barney's via ASOS (currently in the sale at £90 down from £290),  to take me through to autumn. Or maybe one of the Faux leather coloured jackets from Zara on the days I'm feeling extra. 'Fun Maya' puts herself out of her fashion comfort zone and purchases a beautiful tan suede biker jacket from H&M as the signature autumnal jacket to add balance an outfit. 

2. Whilst I was at university, in the autumn I wore a lot of jeans and nice tops as my 'go to' lecture look - this probably stemmed from me staring at my overfilled wardrobe and thinking 'I have nothing to wear, I'll just pick up something easy'. This year (although we're not into autumn quite yet) .... I am surprised at how frequently I have been wearing midi skirts. They are great as you can throw a crop top on with a midi skirt for the warmer days, or for when autumn really hits, they can be paired with a chunky knit. 

3. Polo neck jumpers. 
These are my favourite things to wear and can be paired with almost all things. They're perfect for everything from layering to colour blocking. 

4. A crisp white shirt looks good on all skin tones whether you're black, white or blue. 
A white shirt plays well for just about everyone - especially in the summer to winter transition months (also known as the autumn). 

5. Whatever you wear, the key to a foolproof transitional wardrobe is to be confident and comfortable in what you're wearing, otherwise the effort and money invested would be wasted. 

I'm currently putting together a post on ways to feel more confident and comfortable in your own clothes. But in the meantime, is anyone else super excited to style autumn winter pieces?


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