What's in my work bag

21 June 2018

I’m a nosey person. So a peak into someone else’s bag/wardrobe is my ideal YouTube video or blog post. After viewing my fair share of these posts, I wanted to do my own based on what I take to work every day. The contents of my work bag are a mixture of tools to help boost my productivity, efficiency and some things to simply just keep me entertained. And that’s why I always get the comments ‘girl, what have you got in your bag’ or 'why's your bag so heavy?' To the untrained eye my bag is a serious catfish; with three separate compartments, it fits a lot more than it looks.

First let’s talk about the bag itself…

It’s from Hawes and Curtis, a British chain of shirt shops founded in 1913. I guess this is their version of the Louis Vuitton Pallas bag, for a fraction of the price. It was under £150! This bag was a present from my mum for my GCSE results, and considering I got this in 2016 – it’s safe to say the bag is pretty durable! I’ve tried searching for this bag everywhere and sadly, I think they may have discontinued it.

The productive bits

My MacBook air and iPad mini are essentials!

My charge-it 3000 power charger from Halo is a no brainer/life saver for when I’m on the go (iPhone 6s problems). It lasts 14 hours with only a 1 hour 25 minute charge. And it can double up as a mirror!

I listen to music or a podcast for at least 25% of the working day. So, depending on the circumstances I have two types of headphones. The first are the Betron B650 Noise Isolating Earphones these are the perfect desk duty headphones for the – the sound on these are great. And then there are my wireless headphones for when I go to the gym straight after work.

As I live in London and it’s a crime to look at another person on the tube, a book is also necessary for my commutes. I’m currently reading Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Atherton 

The essential (not so glamorous) bits  

I keep all my essentials in my Zara clutch/ side bag, which is an absolute life saver. I use it for nights out, an insert in my main handbag or in the day when I don’t want to carry a heavy bag, I attach it to a chain and use it as a cross body bag. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose small bag, this is the one.

I have many purses but more often than not, I’ll settle for my Michael Kors card holder – it’s 2018, does anyone actually carry cash anymore???  I bought this at Bicester Village just before Christmas and it is one of my absolute fave card holders –it’s so practical with 6 card slots and matches the colour of my Monzo card. I’m a massive fan of Monzo. The fintech startup started in 2015 and is a digital, mobile only bank. They provides you instant push notifications allowing you to see where you spend your money, and my favourite benefit is the fact that there are no fees or charges when you use your Monzo card outside the UK – which means I can spend more in Sephora when I go abroad, right?

As its summer, my sunglasses make a rare appearance in my work bag. I’m not trying to be too optimistic and expect sunny weather (because I live in England), but you never know.

Is it possible to be a diary hoarder? Because I am one! I bought this one from Paperchase at the beginning of the year. What I love the most is the reflective section at the end of each month and also the amount of blank space to write any notes or thoughts you have down.

Other less glamorous stuff include a calculator, water, an umbrella, and a shopper bag always ready if I make a quick trip to the shops because 1. plastic bags are 5p and 2. saving the environment.

The ‘make me look acceptable’ bits  

If you go a full day without having to touch up on the go, I salute you. 

My holy grail product is Vaseline (I feel like I’m 5 again) but I hate a dry lip or any dry body part for that matter, so Vaseline alongside my Evelyn and Crabtree hand cream are essential. You could take everything out of my bag yet I'd still need my Vaseline and hand cream. I will usually take a small selection of my make-up set, usually a MAC Pro Long wear concealer, a brush and a MAC Studio fix foundation plus powder. And for lips I’ll always make sure I have the Fenty Beauty Stunna lip paint in Uncensored if I’m feeling extra, or the Balmain L’Oreal Paris Color RicheLipstick x Balmain Paris Limited Edition in Power for a subtler look (who am I kidding, it's still extra)

I hope you enjoyed a nose into my bag

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