Introducing by CHLOE...

15 June 2018

Located in Covent Garden, this famous U.S. vegan hot spot opened London a few months ago. by CHLOE aims to share delicious, wholesome, plant-based food that fuels and energises without compromising flavor, taste or satisfaction.

I went down over the May bank holiday weekend and can confirm it's great for those who struggle to find gluten and vegan friendly but most importantly tasty food. It's difficult not to pick everything of the menu, so after a lot of deliberation and not wanting to seem like we were super greedy (even though I am) we went for the pesto meatball sub which was portobello and veggie meatballs, marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, cashew mozz, almond shavings on a potato sub roll, vegan mac and cheese with sweet potato-cashew cheese sauce, shiitake mushroom bacon, almond shavings, the Greek salad and air baked fries. It's all about balance. And plus if the fries are all air fried which means much less oil, that means it's healthier - so we can eat more of them right?

Can we all take a minute to appreciate the Pesto meatball sub please? I'm not vegan but I could eat this again and again and I'd struggle to argue that a normal meaty meatball sub would taste any better. The tangy flavour from the pesto sauce and cashew mayo perfectly complement the portobello and veggie meatballs. Wow - I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about. I don't. It just tasted really good.

Price wise - all the above came to around £34. Which is certainly more of the priced side of fast food but then everything is made with fresh ingredients and for things like the salad, which was super filling - I don't really mind paying circa £9. Especially as the portions were quite big - this salad was deep! So for a really central location, this wasn't a major bug bear.

Now that you've been drooling over the food, the decor is another beautiful feature of the restaurant. The interior and atmosphere was SO nice and for me this is just as important as the food because it makes the experience.

And to top everything off, the service is super quick so makes the perfect lunch break spot if you're close by.

With incredible food, incredible choice and a really nice environment - Chloe knows how it’s done, whilst making it easier for vegans all over London to indulge in fast food.

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