A perfume for any occasion with Clive Christian

11 June 2018

 No outfit is complete without a spritz of the right scent.

As well as providing the finishing touches, fragrances can also have a massive effect on our mental wellbeing, emotions and performance. Studies from Brown University claim that scents can affect our mood, attitude and energy - and vice versa. And if you're like me, these will vary on a day to day basis. That's why I've teamed up with luxury British interiors and perfume company Clive Christian to introduce you to the perfect summer perfumes based on how you feel and more importantly how you want to feel.

If you're going through exams or a stressful period, essential oils such as lavender oil, tea tree oil and eucalyptus work wonders. Whilst the BBC can provide great tips on how to calm any exam nerves or any other stresses that may have a negative impact on your state of wellbeing - the combination of myrrh, jasmine, saffron and calming chamomile in the ‘A separate reality soporific’ perfume by Clive Christian is pure magic. I love any perfume with an exotic mixture of ingredients and ‘A separate reality soporific’ captures just that with the added bonus that the ingredients are stress reducing, calming and increase the production of chemicals that contribute to increased happiness and wellbeing.  

To keep with the theme of summer scents - smelling fresh is a must during the summer months. You want a perfume that you can take with you from a long hot day in the park to a chilled evening at a bar watching the sun go down. A citrus-based or spicy perfume does just the job. And that’s why the Clive Christian Rock Rose is perfect for this occasion. The Bergamot used in Rock Rose is fresh, not too overpowering yet strong enough to last. Bergamot also helps to clarify the mind and reduce feelings of worry. Any fragrance with contrasting combinations of ingredients catches my eye and that’s why the amber alongside cocoa in this perfume is unique and forms the perfect base so it lingers on the skin for longer. With that said, a perfume can change on your skin throughout the day, so it’s always best to visit Clive Christian in store at Harrods (London), Fortnum and Mason (London), Selfridges (London, Birmingham and Manchester) and Harvey Nichols (London) to test which one is right for you.

For the modern day working woman, having a signature scent is key. It’s ideal to have a ‘go to’ perfume that is work-friendly, light (to avoid the streaming eyes of colleagues in a meeting) and effortless. However, you also want something you can take from day to night. Friday night is the night where I go straight from the office to the bar. There is usually little to no time to get ready. So, introducing the quick freshen up. A 5-minute shower, moisturise and a spritz. 

For those queen of the (summer) night moments, an irresistible yet innocent fragrance is a must. However, selecting a perfume to complement your outfit and mood is easier said than done. It’s difficult to get the optimal combination spot on. That’s why the Clive Christian blend of tuberose, mandarin, orange bigarade, pink pepper, rose and orange flower, jasmine, ylang ylang and a musky drop of amber and soft sued in Jump up and Kiss me is perfect for me. And to top it off, could the name of this perfume ‘Jump up and Kiss me’  be any better?  I think not.

Floral feminine scents like Magnolia from the Noble Collection (10ml being the perfect size for the handbag) also work.

Choosing a perfume that is high quality and matches your mood, personality or attire is not easy. But as its often said, once you’ve found the one you love, stick to it.  The exact same applies for perfume. If you do wish to check out Clive Christian, it is available in store at Harrods, Fortnum & Masons, selected Harvey Nichols and Selfridges and also online at www.clivechristian.com.


NB: This post was a collaboration with Clive Christian. However all opinions are honest and my own.
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