Let's talk recycling...

23 April 2018

When I say recycling, I don't mean the recycling of plastic (although that is hella important too). What I'm talking about is the recycling of your wardrobe & the art of giving your old clothes a new leash of life.

Fashion bloggers and 'influencers' can often feel the pressure to always be seen in something new or 'on trend'. The time when you scrolled through your feed and saw everyone and their mum in that Zara yellow jacket or the teddy bear coat are just two examples of this. The concept of relevance is prominent in the fashion industry, and this idea of validation through having the latest item of clothing, is something that is getting passed down onto the young followers of YouTubers and Influencers.

What's also distributing is that when I scroll through instagram (with the fear of accidentally hitting the like button on post uploaded nearly three years ago), some accounts pride themselves on not wearing the same item of clothing. This poses two questions;

1) How the heck do some people afford to be constantly shopping and having new things in their wardrobe all the time?

2) Why are we obsessed with trends, always being the one of the first people to be seen in an item and not being caught dead in items more than 4 weeks old?

It could just be a case that each outfit is taken 'for the gram' and in reality items of clothing are worn multiple of times.

What's really sad is that can be deemed embarrassing when you're asked 'Have you worn this top before?'

I used to play right into the hands of this. When I was at university, particularly in my first year - I was buying new outfits for every night out we went on and when you're going out as regularly as you do in the first year of university, it soon starts to become a mahoosive problem.  

In this influencer age, more responsibility needs to be placed on influencers. Which is why these entertaining yet also ridiculous 'I spent £1000 on Boohoo.com' Youtube videos that provide added temptation for young girls to spend excessive amounts of money on consuming fast fashion instead of spending on experiences, need to be re-thought. What is required is a change of mentality that sees it being okay to re-wear items of clothing and forgetting the so called 'shame' that is associated with recycling outfits.

'Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose' - Lauren Hutton.

Being able to express yourself through the clothes you wear isn't just limited to chasing the newest AW or SS trend pieces, but through items of clothing that are in touch with your personality. 

I think the first stage is shopping sensibly. Just like I explained in my post talking about how to pack effectively, buying items of that can easily be coordinated with multiple outfits helps. Unless it's a big event(like your wedding), buying a outfit that can only be worn once doesn't give you the best start to becoming the ultimate re-wearing clothes goddess.  

Which brings me onto the trusty capsule wardrobe. A collection of simple yet essential items of clothing such as; skirts, t-shirts, trousers, and coats that you can easily pair with the 'must have' trend pieces if need be.

So exhibit A that it can be done...

The OOTD for this post is a ensemble of my old clothes put together to create a new outfit. I've always loved my Lavish Alice cape blazer - the shoulder details and the colour make it the perfect staple piece. I've always worn it with a white/black top underneath for a balance, but this time I wanted to switch it up, so introducing the check skirt that I bought last summer. For evidence that I've had this for ages click here. And voila, a new outfit with no new items purchased. That is what I call shopping in my wardrobe.

If you're comfortable in an outfit then there shouldn't be any objection to wearing it until it frays.

It's extremely sad that there is a negative stigma around the topic of re-wearing outfits amongst young women.

Outfit details

Cape Blazer - Lavish Alice (Similar)
White Vest - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Similar
Bag - A market stall in China
Boots - Similar

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