The GirlBoss uniform?

10 March 2018

Sophia Amoruso defines a GirlBoss as 'someone who is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it'. 

It's 2018. The year of the power suit. The year of the girl boss. 

Whilst the term can add pressure for women to 'boss' whatever ever they choose to pursue, convey a glossy image of what it means to be female leader or entrepreneur and make it look effortless when in fact it's a hard graft.Even if you don't like the title 'Girl Boss' the message behind it empowers & inspires women whilst appreciating female achievements.

I don't think I'm alone when I say women should be praising other women’s achievements and helping each other succeed. But we may as well look good when we do so right? 

Introducing the girl boss uniform....
  • H&M - As a high performer on my most recent post ranking a selection of high street stores based on their attitudes towards ethical fashion. H&M is the place to go for affordable, slogan tees. 

  • As part of their International women's day campaign, Missguided are setting out to empower women around the world in conjunction with Girls Out Loud (a not for profit organisation) helping to inspire confidence in the next generation of 'Girl Bosses'. 

  • Zadig & Voltaire - These sassy AF designs are created by Micol Sabbadini and feature the photographs from the Women's March in New York. All profits go towards Every Mother Counts - a organisation making pregnancy and childbirth safe for all mothers around the world.

  • Net A Porter - Say. No. More. This collection is all about togetherness and living in a multicultural world. And to top it off 20% of all profits made go to the United Nations Women’s Fund for Gender Equality. 

But then I ask myself is wearing a T-shirt proclaiming female power contradictory? Without really unwrapping the process of how your #GIRLBOSS t-shirt got to be in your wardrobe it can be forgotten that hundreds and thousands of sweatshops across the globe are full of 18-35 year old women working longer hours than any of us could imagine to take home around $100 a month. When you ask yourself the questions; who is making my clothes? are they treated fairly?  The answer is no - they are forced into unpaid overtime, unable to join a trade union,  victims of sexual harassment & discrimination and often work in inhumane conditions. Whilst this isn't the case for every single fashion brand , a large proportion produce garments with slogans designed to empower women when in reality the original feminist idea behind these slogan tees is heavily diluted.

A girl boss should support all women even if she doesn't know them. A girl boss should be confident and has the right to yield her personality, political agenda, power and much more through what she wears as she pleases.

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