How to effectively pack for a short break

20 March 2018

Nothing excites me more than a holiday. Whether it’s a city sightseeing break or beach holiday, I am always down for an adventure. One thing that doesn’t excite me much about going on holiday is the packing. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been awful at packing a suitcase.

A simple task for most. Not for me.

I’m either the one jumping on my suitcase in the airport check in lounge desperately trying to zip it up or failing that when it doesn’t shut, I have been known to carry 101 bags. I knew I had a problem when my suitcase weighed 28kg for a 3-day trip. And when most airlines have a 20kg limit, this isn't the ideal situation.

My next trip is a 4-day break to Malta and I have vowed to follow every hint and tip to help me pack effectively and here’s how I plan to do it;

Plan all outfits before packing

I have never had a real problem with knowing what to wear on a short break. Once I know the location, temperature and kind of activities on offer, I am the type of person to write combinations of clothes out with a pen and paper before I even think about finding a suitable suitcase for my trip. Also, I find that packing items that are neutral and can be coordinated with multiple outfits helps. 
Please tell me I am not the only one who writes out combinations of outfit ideas. Even though I may be borderline crazy, this way stops me from packing everything in my wardrobe, keeping all the unnecessary items to a minimum.
Iron before packing

As simple as it sounds, this one is a new to me. I always rely on the ironing facilities in a hotel whenever I go abroad always using the excuse ‘it will just get crumpled in transit anyway’ but then it dawned on me if I iron rather than just neatly folding a pile of crumpled clothes, that’s a lot of extra space. And plus, no one likes to spend their holiday doing ironing, right?

Rolling is the way forward

This is probably the oldest trick in the book but rolling your clothes instead of folding them saves space and stops creasing. And if you want to go all out then place your rolled clothes in vacuum compression bags and suck all the air out.

Limit the heavier items

This unfortunately means saying bye to all those shoes you intended to take. Apparently 2 is the golden number so limit yourself to two pairs of shoes, wearing the heaviest pair when you travel.

Use light and compact suitcases

I mean, the smaller the suitcase the more effectively you have to pack so the suitcase actually shuts. It is almost logical, right?

Take advantage of those freebies

As cheap as it sounds, hotels are the best for free shampoo, shower gel, cream – you name it. Although it may be heartbreaking to leave your favourite toiletries at home, think about when you’re travelling by air with a walk on suitcase and have to fit all your cosmetics into that tiny clear plastic bag. Your most prized toiletries are best at home rather than in the bin at the airport (I still miss you Kat Von D foundation, left behind at Stanstead Airport on 25th September 2017).

Simple clothes and lots of accessories go a long way

Jeans and shirts are now my holiday ‘go to’ outfit. And then take a big, lightweight scarf and you have the perfect trio. There are so many ways to style items like this.  Such a simple outfit of jeans and a shirt can give loads of different looks when you pair it with different accessories – mixing and matching with blazers, big scarves, jewelry and there you have it - different outfits for almost every and any circumstance.


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