The Business of Blogging

26 February 2018

It's pretty safe to say bloggers are businesspeople and personal blogs are their businesses. And like any start up, bloggers wish to see their little babies (blogs) grow, become an extension of them and impact readers. 

With SEO and Monetisation being a massive part of blogging alongside the creative outlook, bloggers have been and are becoming experts in Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing. I put my hands up and admit that for the duration of my blog, I haven't been as clued up on digital marketing as I should have and so have made some blogger mistakes. 

As one of my new years resolutions is to blog more frequently and create better content, I thought it would be a great time to go deeper into the world of digital marketing and SEO in the hope of giving my blog the best platform - because let's face it, the internet is full of blogs. And this is why I turned to PinkSEO Marketing.

PinkSEO is the place to exchange information, share experiences and acquire all the know-how on all things Digital Marketing. They offer a range of services including;

  • Keyword Search - a service which tells you the numeric values of any keywords you could be aiming to include in your content, giving you details such as the average monthly traffic, keyword difficulty, number of results, cost per click. This would be great if you have a niche and want a hone the use of any key words around that subject area. 
  • Site Audit of a website (I opted for this)
  • Backlink analysis of a website
PinkSEO offered me a free Site Audit - a service which would normally cost £99. For me it was really important to establish and assess the 'problem childs' why my blog wasn't performing at its best and then come up with action plans to address those.

From my personalised report (of 71 pages may I add), it was easy to ascertain where improvements need to be made as the report highlights everything in detail explaining what the issue is, how it is brought about, the consequences of it and what I can do to overcome the issue. My Key takeaways include; learning about the different types of effective and non effective links and how many were on my blog - an area I hadn't even thought about before. For me, this report identified problems I didn't know I had and gave me a clear starting point to fix the little flaws which prevented from being ranked as highly in Google. And on top of this, Silvia (SEO Specialist) gave a efficient, professional and excellent service. I recommend this for anyone who has a website/blog they want to grow. 

PinkSEO also offer 20% discount off after the purchase of your first service - so having an initial report, making the changes identitied in the report and then opting for another report in 2-3 months time could allow you to see a massive change in analytics, SEO and the number of visitors to your site - something I'm so excited to see in the future.

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