Exploring England: Bath

17 January 2018

The final instalment of my 2017 travels took me to Bath - not as adventurous as some of my trips to Bermuda and France last year in terms of distance, but still as picturesque and as worthy of having its own blogpost like BerlinDubai and Copenhagen.

As a Northerner, Bath has always seemed like the other side of the world (even though I have been to Asia which literally is the other side of the world), heading to the West Country and spending 4+ hours on the train or 7+ hours on the road was always off-putting BUT since moving to London as a graduate, everything seems closer by rail or road (apart from the obvious like Scotland). Everyone should visit Bath at least once for its history, culture and to taste The Original Bath Bun (Sally Lunn's is the place to go)

The Bath Basics. 

Bath Abbey was founded in 1499(Thanks to the Romans). The architecture of the city was created by the Georgians. The Roman Baths is an iconic landmark and is deemed the 'best-preserved Roman religious spa from the ancient world'. So the perfect place to tick off your check list. And if you want to experience the modern spa instead of walking around the ancient ruins,  visit to the Thermae Bath Spa to bathe in Britain's only natural thermal spa and experience a range of treatments and therapies.
Location: SouthGate, Bath, U.K.

Location: The Royal Crescent, Bath, U.K.
In 1977, the city of Bath was awarded its UNESCO World Heritage status. It's famous for its picturesque Georgian crescents(including the Royal Crescent, a curved row of 30 terraced houses pictured above), terraces and squares.  

Bath is also home to the  Bath Fashion Museum, formerly known as the Museum of Costume. Great for fashion fanatics that want to witness a collection of more than 60,000 objects from the late 16th century to the present day.
Location: Side Street Nr Bath Cathedral, Bath, U.K.

Location: Queen Square, Bath, U.K

Location: Topping & Company Booksellers of Bath, Bath, U.K.

So apparently, I thoroughly enjoyed being a tourist in my own country.

Any other places around the U.K. you recommend a visit to?


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