2018 Watch List.

21 January 2018

One thing I really want to get into in 2018 is watching T.V.

...which is possibly the most unproductive thing I can say after writing a mega list for my 2018 goals and aspirations. But there's something about TV which makes you relax. And after my introduction to the working world post-graduation and other adult stuff like council tax, I need to relax. And there's nothing more relaxing than getting a ton of snacks and throwing yourself into a good T.V series. And what better than one of Panasonic's HD televisions to enhance your viewing experience. Created with Hollywood filmmakers, HD televisions by Panasonic offer film and TV fans the opportunity to experience movies and programmes exactly as the creators intended them to look. Panasonic’s improved processing engine and 3D Look-up Table technology delivers details & colours in the HDR pictures like no other TV, making the viewing process more enjoyable, satisfying and consistent.

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So now that we have the perfect TV, let's get the snacks in and decide what to watch. My 2018 picks are...

Black mirror. 
How have I just heard of black mirror? Despite the show first airing in 2011, November 2017 saw my black mirror obsession start. If you have been living under a rock for 6 years (like me), Black Mirror paints the downsides to technology and society in a series of unlinked twisted morality plays and intense plot-lines.

Season 4 of Black Mirror returned on December 29th, perfect timing if you want to save money in January as New year TV binge sessions don't cost a thing. And with 4K HDR streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube integrated into the T.V, you have no excuse to be six years behind in a show like me.

The Keepers. 

Remember that show 'Making a murderer' that everyone was obsessed with last year? Well introducing The Keepers. A documentary centred on the unsolved 1969 murder of nun and school teacher Cathy Cesnik. It's quite similar to 'Making of a murderer' in the sense that the series exposes the failings of the criminal justice system. But unlike making of a murder, the story is about survival

Sharp Objects
This series is based on Gillian Flynn’s novel 'Sharp Objects'(weirdly enough) and it stars Amy Adams as a journalist who returns home after a stint in a psychiatric facility, only to find herself investigating the murder of two girls (as most journalists do). Gillian Flynn also wrote Gone Girl so if you like that twisted plot (notice the theme amongst my top TV picks), then I'm sure you'll love Sharp Objects. 


Considering my above choices are more on the darker side of TV, I think something light hearted is needed. 'Press' stars Charlotte Riley and is all about the cutthroat British newspaper industry. If you like a good rivalry then this is the show for you. It's The Herald, a serious broadsheet Vs. The Post, a tabloid. And with a clever script, two female actresses at the centre of the show (Charlotte Riley and Ellie Kendrick) - what's not to love?

Doctor who.
The 8 year old me is currently screaming right now. BBC One show 'Doctor who' has its first female doctor!!!!!! Don't want to miss an episode? Don't worry. The Panasonic OLED TV has integrated, free Freeview Play which brings features like the Quick Look Guide which shows thumbnail pictures of TV programmes so you know when to tune in. 

With this list you definitely won’t be stuck for something to watch until at least March!


NB: This post was a collaboration with Panasonic. However all opinions are honest and my own.
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