Bermuda on a budget

27 November 2017

Bermuda is known for the Americas Cup, luxury and generally being the place where people live life to its fullest. Also a place in the world where you can end up spending a lot of 'dolla' in a short amount of time.

I'm no money saving expert but here are a few of my tips for doing Bermuda on a budget;

1) Don't fly direct. Bermuda airport only has 5 flights per day and if you're flying from the UK and want direct flights then your only choice is British Airways, where a flight will put you back around £800-£900. Or perhaps take the scenic route by flying to the US and then catching one of the three flights per day from the US to Bermuda.

Pros - A 16 hour stopover means a good amount of sightseeing can get done in NYC if you deem the hassle of going through US security and baggage worth it.
Cons - A 16 hour stopover.

When I was booking my flight I would've preferably gone for the stop over but because I was flying on half term week (a definite thing to avoid if you want to do Bermuda on a budget) and the timing of British Airways having a flight sale (a definite thing to take advantage of if you want to do Bermuda on a budget) - flying with a stopover was actually more by around £70.


2) Hotels  - Hotels are relatively scarce resource in Bermuda - with less resorts than similar islands. Less hotels means these are often strategically priced to get the most amount of cash as possible (basic supply and demand). And if they're not ridiculously expensive - they're all full. So Guesthouses/B&Bs and AirBnB are your best friends if you're looking to go to Bermuda.

3) Excursions - Doing stuff around Bermuda is relatively cheap. During my trip I managed to get a number of trips and still had 'dolla' left to buy a cocktail or two five. One of my favourite and most memorable things I did whilst on my Bermuda trip was climbing the Gibbs lighthouse and having this amazing view.

And not surprisingly, this was one of the cheapest excursions, costing less than $5. Boat Trips & Cave Tours were also relatively priced too. And then you have a selection of beaches to choose from, all free of course.

4) I don't think food was that badly priced given the portions and quality. If you like American food then most of the restaurants in Bermuda will be right up your street. A meal can be around $30-50, which if you're on holiday and want a break from having to struggle in the kitchen - I don't think it's that bad.

5) Finally, the people. The people aren't gonna help you travel to Bermuda on a budget but they will certainly make your trip to Bermuda a great one.


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