10 Reasons why you should visit Copenhagen...

26 March 2017

A fortnight ago, I hopped on a plane to Copenhagen. Despite the bitterly cold wind and temperates of 7 degrees, I managed to fall in love with the city. It was only right that I did a post on the 10 reasons why Copen-bae-gen should be on your 2017 travel bucket list:

1) Food.
The Copenhagen food scene has something for everyone. The Kødbyen area is full of bars, cafes and restaurants. I was amazed by the number of street food markets where you're able to sample food from around the globe, as well as listen to live music. And best of all, it is all really healthy.

2) Flight time is only 1 hour and 30 minutes from the U.K.
Denmark is the perfect destination for a weekend trip with it taking less time to get to Scandinavia than it does from Manchester to London. Flights can be cheap, and when you get to Copenhagen airport, it's a 15 minute tram or metro ride into the city centre.

3) Hygge: the Danish way of life. 

4) Cycling is a good way to see the city. 
Literally everyone cycles. There are enough bikes to rival Amsterdam. The Copenhagen City Bikes have in-built GPS, so chances of getting lost are minimised. Like the Boris bikes in London, payment is charged directly to a credit/debit card and a deposit of DKr20 (£1.80) is required.

5) Instagram GOALS. 
The design of hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants is really minimalistic so perfect for a good instagram feed. Nyhavn is also a great photo opportunity.

6) There are loads of things to do. 
Rosenberg castle, The botanical gardens and Statens Museum for Kunst are only a few of the amazing cultural places the city has to offer.

7) Beach life. 
Although it's a canal city with a beautiful harbour. Three miles from the heart of the city centre is Amager Strandpark, one of Denmark's most famous white beaches. 

8) The Little Mermaid 
This is Copenhagen’s most well known tourist attraction. It's near the Langelinie promenade and is over 100 years old. Despite it being called overrated, it's certainty a place to visit.

9) It's not as expensive as everyone says. 
I only went for a weekend but if you want to get as much out of the city without paying a lot, you can. A meal in a street food market will set you back £5-£10. There are loads of free things to do and the Copenhagen Card gives you free admission to 72 museums and attractions, free public transport by bus, train and Metro and discounts on restaurants, rentals and sights. Plus the £30 Ryanair flights compensate for anything pricey.

10) Tivoli Gardens
The oldest amusement park in the world is a must see for anyone visiting Copenhagen. It's seasonally open and features gardens, architecture, rides,  enough fairly lights to make any girl happy, firework displays, a 1950s concert hall and even a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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