Love me beauty review.

2 November 2016 Manchester, NH, USA

 I love 'Love me beauty'.

I was first introduced to the members beauty club after I received an offer voucher when a package of clothes from Missguided got delivered to my house (Typical Maya).

As I love a good offer, I decided to try out the online store.  Love Me Beauty is a site where there are hundreds and thousands of beauty products and then you, the beauty addict can pick and choose which products suit you and put them in a gift box. A bit like but for beauty not for healthy snacks.

It works through 3 simple steps:

Firstly, you use the online questionnaire to tell the company a bit about yourself so they can get to suggest which products will be good for you.

Secondly, there are lots of emerging brands and established brands with products on the site and a girl simply has too many choices. So the first part works really well as you can browse the recommendations the company prescribe as tailored for you and you only. They also have a monthly edit which are best products on offer put together by their beauty experts. I always love taking a browse in this section.

Finally, choose your products, sit back, relax and they'll be delivered to your door.

I can't recommend this site enough, I absolutely love experimenting with new products ands it's perfect for this. You can get different credit allocations depending on how much you pay for a subscription which determines the number of products you receive. As it was my first box, I decided to go for lowest coin amount which still got me 4 great products.

The first was the Ecotools brushes 'Day to Night' set. If I'm being totally honest, I bought this mainly because of the shape of the contour brush. But upon using the brushes, they all have such a great feel and the application of my makeup was great using these plus they're environmentally friendly so I don't have a bad word to say. If you bought them from a store such as, Superdrug they are £16.99. But my box in total, including this 6 piece brush set was under £10 including delivery so the bargain hunter inside of me was ecstatic.

I love Nuxe. So as soon as I saw they were available on the site, I had just had to get 2 Nuxe products. The first was the Huile Prodigieuse® Or Dry Oil Golden Shimmer for Body & Hair. Which in the past, has normally been bought by my mum and has been known to go missing. Love me Beauty offered the travel size version which I used on my summer travels to give me a perfect glow in the evening. Also, it lasts forever. Although its the travel size, I can see lasting me until next summer, which my mum will be extremely happy about as it means less of hers goes missing.

I also wanted to change my face wash at the time of purchasing my love me beauty gift box so I got NUXE Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals. Again the travel size, so the perfect size to take when interrailing around Italy for a few days. This gel contains gentle exfoliating grains which exfoliate, remove superficial dead cells and refine the skin's texture. It may be cliche, but my skin felt as soft as a baby's bottom.

The final product was from a brand I hadn't heard of but was willing to try as my skin was in desperate need of repair. It was a cellular repair product, but I wasn't sold on it as I didn't really notice that much difference.

But overall, the concept of Love Me Beauty works so well and they've just started stocking Kat Von D cosmetics so I cannot wait for my next package to arrive.

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