November Favourites.

9 December 2015

I've been waiting for November to end for two reasons: 
1) November is over which means December has begun which means it's CHRISTMAS.

2) It's also the first time I'll be doing a favourites post. I've literally been dying to write this post for the past 3 weeks.
I'm still a newbie to this favourites thing so bear with me. This months post is only going to be short and sweet, including 7 products that I've been absolutely loving.

So first up is (drumroll please)... Garnier fresh radiance boosting scrub. This is probably one of the best facial scrubs I've ever tried. It's not gritty and harsh but has more of a creamy texture, so gently cleans, purifies and exfoliates the skin without leaving it feeling rough or drying the skin. If your skin is a bit dull or clammy, this does a great job refreshing and hydrating.It contains elements of citrus so smells amazing!

Next we have the Drops of Youth concentrate and the Drops of Youth eye serum. I told you I'd write about them in my last post and for once I've kept my promise. The drops of youth collection by The Body Shop works wonders at restoring the life into your skin, removing creases and helping to get rid of those dark circles.The edelweiss plant stem cells in the serum leave the skin looking smoother and fresher. I started using the face serum and the eye roll on when I went a bit crazy in the first couple of months at Uni. The alcohol, late nights and junk food all took toll on my skin. The thing I love most about The Body Shop is that they invest so much time and money into their products and now we have miracle workers such as the Drops of Youth collection. 

I've been going through one of those bad skin phases for what feels like forever.  It feels like I've constantly had endless spots and uneven patches. I noticed that the Warming Detox Charcoal Wash by Sanctuary Spa was on a special deal at Boots, so I decided to go for it. I know charcoal works really well with the reduction of pores and for the price of £5.52, I couldn't really say no. Although it says to use the product once a week, I use it on alternate days. The charcoal helps to draw out impurities from the skin and well as reduce pores, shine and remove excess oil. After 2 minutes, it turns from a gel to a warm silky oil(which feels so nice on the skin). Straight after washing it off with warm water, it leaves my skin smoother and clearer.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good cup of tea. I really like herbal teas and I like trying something different so when I saw the new Tesco Finest products, they immediately went in my basket. Each box contains 50 teabags and is priced at £1.49 per box. I tried the Vanilla Chai flavour(which is my favourite) and the Chocolate tea. The Vanilla Chai one has a really creamy taste and has a blend of ginger and cinnamon spices - perfect for Christmas.

Apologies for the damaged condition of the box.

The chocolate tea one is a bit different and might not be suited to everyone's taste. But I never thought of the concept of putting chocolate and tea together, so I gave it a try. And it tastes amazing! It's not too rich but not too watery. The perfect blend of black tea and chocolate flavouring.

And I couldn't mention tea without mentioning my favourite mug. I came across the alphabet cup range whilst having a browse in Matalan and just had to buy one with an M on. The best thing is that it was only £2. 

The final item is an last minute addition as I just bought them as a Christmas present for a family member(so I'm praying they don't read my blog). These lovely shoes are £30 and from Missguided. I bought them at the Selfridges & Co concession at the Trafford Centre. The girls were so lovely when it came to deciding which shoes to buy and these shoes are absolutely amazing. They're so sassy with the feather detail and have the lace/tie up detail which is very in trend this season.

Sassy AF

Until Next month

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