The Body Shop: Shade Adjusting Drops.

26 November 2015

It's obvious The Body Shop spend a lot of money on research and product development, which is why I think their new foundation product is going to change the beauty market. Last year I was lucky enough to attend the Christmas collection launch at The Body shop, where I fell in love with the Drops of Youth concentrate(which I will be sure to post on the blog soon).

I'm currently looking for a new foundation for the Winter months and I always have the problem of not being able to find a foundation which matches my skin exactly. So, I turned to The Body Shop. The Body Shop Shade adjusting drops are designed to help turn an almost perfect shade of foundation into the perfect match. So here's how it works...

They sell both lightening and darkening drops, however for £10 each I would recommend buying both.

For those of you that have light to medium skin foundations can end up looking too dark or orangey. By adding one drop of the concentration, it turns liquid foundations half a shade lighter. A mixture of white and pink pigments help to neutralise yellowness while lightening the skin to turn that 6/10 foundation into a solid 10/10.

My main problem is that foundations(with the exceptions of Mac Studio Fix Fluid) tend to make my skin look ashy of light. I have orangey/red undertones so the black and red pigments in the darkening drops serum helps darken and add warmth to the skin. Again, this works well with the majority of liquid foundations and one drop of the serum sees foundation become half a shade darker.

I think these are perfect little additions to your beauty collection as they'll come in handy more times than you can imagine. They also make great stocking fillers.

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