An afternoon at Whitworth Art Gallery.

30 November 2015

I have officially been living in Manchester for 1 year and 3 months. In that time I haven't explored the culture or heritage of the city. Unless you call, a night out in Factory a cultural experience. There are so many beautiful buildings, galleries and museums in Manchester so last Wednesday I decided it was about time to visit the Whitworth Art Gallery. In my defence, it was getting renovated for a good majority of the past year so maybe that's why I never set foot in there.

One thing I learnt is that I really enjoy spending time in art galleries. There's just something about it which makes me forget about the mid term test I have next week or the essay that's due in. Another thing I learnt is that the café in the Whitworth Art Gallery do a pretty damn good chocolate brownie.

The artwork is amazing and I would recommend anyone in the Manchester area to visit the Whitworth Art Gallery at least once.

So onto the fun part - the Outfit of the Day. This outfit is an all Primark affair as everything (except the bag) is from Primark.

The coat is my absolute fave. It was only £25 and is 40% wool.

This beaut white shirt with lace up detail was only £10. This shirt completely satisfies my love of both white shirts and the lace up trend.

You can pick up a standard A Line denim skirt anywhere on the high street works well with this chunky belt. This one also cost me £10.

These boots come in an amazing burgundy colour. Despite the slight heel, they're also quite comfortable. The only negative thing is the noise they make when walking on a wooden floor. When walking through a silent Art gallery/library these will guarantee you a few evil stares. I bought them quite a while ago, but I think they are around £16-£18.

Looks like Primark are getting a few things right.

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