The Career Series: Introduction

23 October 2015

If you’re at University you will know this time of the year is particularly stressful - coursework and deadlines are only a few of the main worries. Over the next few weeks I will be starting #TheCareersSeries on my blog. I thought it would be useful as I know many of my blog readers are University age so writing a few posts on internship, placement & graduate applications, making the most out of Uni, time management, and networking top tips might be of some assistance at this hectic time of the year. 
So let Number 1 of the #TheCareersSeries commence...

Although studying is a really important aspect of University, its even more important to find out what you want to do and what you want to get out of your university experience then take part in extra curricular activities to work towards your end goal. Activities that you do outside your degree/course are really important to employers - being involved in the wider university life and community shows you have interpersonal, communicative and time management skills - amongst other things.
I would highly recommend getting involved with a society or two - choose one that is of interest to you and your future plans. This is not only a great way to have fun but also personally develop. Volunteering and mentoring are also great ways to get involved with the wider community. Stay tuned for a (longer) part 2 of #TheCareersSeries...

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