Better late than never: Bloggers Fashion Week

22 October 2015

 Sooo...the event I am about to write about happened over a month ago(Sorry about the delay - the stress of the new academic year at Uni has been intense).

Towards the end of the summer, I was invited to the OXO tower in London for an exclusive Bloggers Fashion Week event held by the amazing Bloggers Hangout. All the events I've been invited to by them are amazing and I love getting the opportunity to meet other bloggers and network with brands.

I posted my OOTD for this event a while back but didn't cover the main event(my apologies). The event hosted great brands such as Motel Rocks(I'm officially a member of the #MotelFamily), Maison Ves, With Love Lily and many more.

I will probably do another post detailing the brands that were showcased in the fashion show and the products I got given to review. Check out my Twitter (@ItsMayaRose) and Instagram (@maya.prentis) for the micro-reviews I've done on Elegant Touch and With Love Lily   

Cute little candles based on social media hashtags - great for gifts and they smell amazing!

Had to stop at The Good Life Eatery on the way home.

All my goodies from the days event.

Until next time
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