Vernez app launch.

9 September 2015

So I had plans for this post to be all about the Vernez fashion app launch party which I was invited to on Wednesday evening. Well, it still is going to be all about the app - just not in the way I expected. 

If you follow me on Twitter(@ItsMayaRose) you would've seen by my tweets that I as raring to go to the Vernez app launch party in Shoreditch - I had my outfit planned for days, I had my hair appointment in the morning and was obsessed with the app itself. My plans however turned pear-shaped after my train was delayed, then cancelled and then delayed again (It never turned up). Then I thought I could try my luck going from Gatwick airport train station, as being an airport it would have  good railway connections. I was absolutely wrong. Normally I can get on a train to London within 2 minutes of arriving at Gatwick Airport however all the trains were cancelled  or delayed due to trespassing on the line and congestion in the area. And by the time I got off the train, on another train and then on a tube to the East London venue I would've had 5 minutes before the event finished.

Thank you British Rail!!!!!

So even though I didn't get to go to the Launch party (Thanks again British Rail) I still want to write a blogpost on Vernez because I think it's an amazing concept and will really go far in the future. 

I saw Vernez a couple of weeks ago in Grazia magazine and to my surprise got an email inviting me to the Launch party a couple of days later (Thank you @blogger_hangout// 

I've never seen anything like Vernez before, they're an interactive fashion social network  which lets you create your own fashion magazine by putting outfits together and sharing these with friends as well as seeing how other people select outfits from their massive virtual wardrobe. 

Not only did I miss candy floss, cupcakes, drinks & networking with other bloggers I also missed the opportunity to hear from the founder Moyang Yang and understand the business behind the app. #WomenInTech  

It's great for those bloggers who are in the early stages and don't have the time, money (and patience). The app creator Moyang Yang, sells it as a twitter for blogging. where you are able to express your style to the wider fashion community.


The app is available to download here and I would recommend any fashion blogger or person with a smartphone to download it. 

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