28 September 2015

The other day, me and a friend bought a train ticket to Eastbourne and went on a little adventure. It's pretty sad that we've lived in The South East for nearly 4 years and have never been to the East Sussex coast town of Eastbourne.

So an hour on the train and we were there. We picked a pretty good day to head down to the beach - the sun was shining and it was mildly warm. And we went to Bill's restaurant - which defines 'melt in the mouth' food.

In comparison to Brighton, Eastbourne is so quiet and much more picturesque(hence the above).

I wouldn't say I was dressed accordingly for the beach as I was expecting it to chuck it down with heavy rain at any minute.

1) The Duster Coat features again. I love how versatile it is and can easily be folded up and stuffed into my bag if the temperature goes above 15 degrees(unlikely).

2) As I mentioned before, as I do live in England it could rain at any minute so in my Black Michael Kors bag I had sunglasses, suncream, an umbrella, a beanie...basically every item possible for whatever the weather may throw at us.

3) This gorge black and white halterneck paisley dress from ASOS. It's part of their tall range, I bought it for £25 and 1 day later it went down to £12. Typical but I think it's worth the £25 I spent on it.

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