An all Primark affair.

7 September 2015

 For as long as I can remember, everyone has been hating on Primark. ...'It's tacky' 'They're rubbish quality' etc etc. Whereas I've been on #TeamPrimark, #TeamPrimarni #TeamPennys (whatever you call it) since day 1. And now they're launching in America. Who's laughing now? Primark.

So for that reason I dedicated a #OOTD post to Primark. Okay so maybe it wasn't planned but it so happened that nearly every single item of clothing I was wearing on Wednesday was from Primark.

1) Blue patterned shirt - I absolutely love this print and to me is one of Primark's finest creations. It looks great on and was only around £9. I bought it quite a while ago so good luck finding it now(a virtually impossible task).

2) Cord like Pinafore - This is one of my best buys of the summer. It's perfect for the autumn and comes in two colors(red and black). And for only £13, I may have to pop back for the red one. The only bad thing about it is the fact that it shrunk dramatically when I put it in the wash. I adhered to all the rules i.e turning it inside out, putting the washing heat on 30 degrees. But it still went from a size 10 to a size 8. 

3) I apologise for misleading you but the hat is not from Primark. It's from and is one of my most loved accessories.

4) Tights - who doesn't buy their tights from Primark? They're cheap as chips and come in a range of deniers, colors and styles.

5) Bag - Not that you can see much of this bag but this lovely across the body/multi wear bag with gorgeous gold detailing was bought when I went on a Primark binge in their Leeds store for just £5.

6) Shoes - My last Primark item are my lovely backless/cut out shoes with a slight heel. I bought these around spring time and became my most worn shoes for around 2 months.

Overall conclusion: 1)  Primark is now a lot better than it was 2/3 years ago. 2) It is acceptable to spend large amounts of money in Primark.

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