Looking Forward.

21 August 2015

I know for a fact that I'm the worst blogger ever. If there was an award for lack of posts, I'm pretty certain I would be walking away with the trophy. But as the title of the post suggests, I'm not going to dwell on the past - I'm going to look forward, be positive and make major improvements.

I've come up with a strategy which should see posts going out at least twice times a week(hopefully more). And as I mentioned in my last 'I promise I'll blog more' post, I'm changing the content of my blog slightly to include more topics, I've changed the name and url (again) and I'm also looking at improving the layout with professional help. 

So as I'm currently munching on my brownie for breakfast(healthy, I know) I've come to the conclusion that blogging will hopefully become easier for me in the next coming months. I now have direction on where I want my blog to go and a strategy which HAS to work. I'm also on the committee for The University of Manchester blogging society 2015/2016 (@UoMBlogSoc) so if that doesn't encourage me to blog more I don't know what will. Of course, September means back to University and the start of Second year however I'm hoping my blog won't suffer like last year(and the year before that, and the year before that). 


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