My Jewellery Journey: Lulu Winter.

13 August 2014

I'm not normally a fan of jewellery but after coming across the brand LuLu Winter my perception has completely changed. LuLu winter is a great brand for those who want to start wearing a bit more jewellery and for those hardcore jewellery fans looking for something special. The range of products they offer makes it so much easier to meet all your jewellery needs. If you're looking for simple,unique classic, cutting-edge branded jewellery, then Lulu Winter is the one for you! It's a step away from all those 'Loom' bands you find on the high street and towards something a bit more sophisticated.

So a little bit about Lulu Winter....

It was founded by Father and Daughter duo Peter and Louise Myson in 2011. Considering me and my dad can't even put a flat pack from IKEA together, I'd say founding and developing a jewellery company so it goes from strength to strength is a massive achievement.

The online boutique sells a number of worldwide brands, such a Coeur De Lion, DYRBERG/KERN(Don't miss out on this feature later), The Branch, Rodgers & Rodgers, Muru, Claudia Bradby. The range of brands means nearly every item of jewellery you could possibly dream of is available on the Lulu Winter website. Lulu Winter has this down to a Tee - From statement occasion jewellery,studded, to everyday classics in pearl & sterling silver.

Unlike some other jewellery boutiques - not mentioning any names... the view that customer service should be great is one that is taken into consideration with every customer that purchases a LuLu Winter product. This along with their great packaging of the product makes this brand a 'go to' for your essential jewellery pieces.

I set myself the challenge of finding the perfect jewellery piece that I would actually wear, without a hefty price tag attached. Under £100 would do me just fine. Fortunately, the fab team at Lulu Winter and Fishers PR sent me the ideal piece - see what I mean about the excellent customer service on offer. 

I was sent the stunning Silver Celine necklace from the DYRBERG/KERN collection.(Sorry - I had to post the link to the gold version as the Silver version isn't on the website at the moment - I'm sure it will be back soon though). It is made from stainless steel and has a coat of a sterling silver to finish it off. The main thing that captured me was centrepiece - beautifully studded with graphite Swarovski crystals...and boy do they sparkle.

I wanted a really versatile piece of jewellery, so something that I could wear just as an everyday piece but then could be dressed up for the evening was ideal. For my day outfit, I teamed it with the Edwoth Shirt from Jack Wills in the Vintage White colour along with a tartan skirt I bought from George @ Asda last winter. With a pair of tan brogues along with the necklace - I was able to go for that preppy/glam look. The necklace is perfect for a night out - I styled mine with a black and silver sparkly dress where sparkle from the dress really highlighted the necklace. This dress is from and was bought for me by my friends for Christmas in 2013. Even though you're not supposed to know how much a gift is, I know it was around £35.

Because the Necklace has an extending chain, it can be adjusted to suit different outfits.

This particular style of necklace is also available in a gold finish and is currently priced at £75.00.

Even though Christmas is ages away, they would be perfect for presents. Check them out at -


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