O.O.T.D. - Polkadots & Purple

27 April 2017

So, I found a purple wall.

The Balmain style Blazer : Primark (For those who can't spend over a grand on the original)
Blouse: H&M 
Denim Skirt: ASOS.com 
Bag: Primark (I bought this when I was in Germany, however have found a similar style)
Shoes - Primark (You're most thankful for Primark when its raining and you don't want to ruin your Michael Kors Suede boots).
Windswept hair - my own.


Rosegal Summer Mini Dress Wishlist.

The summer season is fast approaching and there's nothing worse than having no sunshine appropriate clothes(especially as I'm the girl with a wardrobe full of black clothes). So I've teamed up with Rosegal to bring you my fave summer mini dress fashion - perfect for festivals, holidays and whatever you fancy doing when the sun is out. Rosegal was started by a group of friends who all share the same love for stunning, expressive fashion.As a leading global online shopping destination, they offer high quality clothing styles at affordable prices and cater for the needs of so many people through their womenswear, menswear and plus size ranges. With literally thousands of items of their website I found it so difficult to pick my top 6. But my picks featuring this lace chiffon dress are so good! And I've even included all the relevant links and product ID's so you can pop these beauties straight into your basket.

1) Trendy Style Round Collar Lace Splicing Chiffon Sleeveless Dress For Women - White.

This dress is beautiful and perfect for any occasion. Wedding, Lunch date...you name it. I love the fact that this dress is so simple yet can be dressed up with a few accessories or a colourful leather jacket.

ID number: 138770702. Click HERE to buy

2) Plunging Neck Tied-Up Bell Sleeves Tribal Print Dress - Purplish Blue

I get so many coachella vibes from this dress. I love the tribal print and the bell sleeves. It'll be perfect paired with a fedora and a chunky pair of boots. My only concern is the open part of the top section, but it's 2017 and there are plenty of underwear options to get over that problem. 

ID number:194468401. Click HERE to buy. 

3) Long Sleeves Striped Flounce Dress - Light Blue

Because my obsession with ruffles hasn't hit its peak(!) This lovely dress just makes it ten times worse. I love how rosegal don't compromise on quality and what you see in terms of fit and description is what you get.

ID number: 194061002. Click HERE to buy.

For a girl who has never worn a red dress in her life, there's a bit of a theme going on with my next three choices. Buy why not, it's summer.

4) Plunging Floral Print Cutout Beach Dress - Red

There are no other words to describe this dress than 'pretty damn cute'. The pattern, the back detail and the cut out section - it's all just to die for. It's the perfect dress for a pool/beach cover up and for only $17.05 - it's such a bargain.

ID number:209703303. Click HERE to buy. 

5) Floral Print Mini Wrap Dress - Red

Rosegal are absolutely killing it! Again another cute red dress with pretty details. Another thing I love about the Rosegal website is that when you're choosing which size to buy(S,M,L,XL) - they actually put the lengths of the products, which for tall girls like myself is a god send!

ID number: 207926604. Click HERE to buy.

6) V-Neck Bell Sleeve Ruffle Short A Line Dress - Red

Two of this years hottest trends in one dress...what's not to love. Bell sleeves and Red(...well, red will always be a summer trend right?)

ID number: 198076902. Click HERE to buy.

So there are my favourite picks, with a shopping basket totalling way more than I could justify to spend but I would definitely check them out at http://www.rosegal.com. Especially as they have so many great cost saving deals on at the moment.  And free worldwide shipping!!


NB: This post was a collaboration with Rosegal. However all opinions are honest and my own.

2017 Travel Bag Wishlist.

10 April 2017

For anyone that knows me or reads my blog, you'd know I'm a massive fan of travelling. I'm really good at vacation planning to make sure I get the best out of any trip. My latest post on my top 10 reasons why you should visit Copenhagen, Denmark after my trip a couple of weeks ago proves exactly that. One thing I am not too good at is the practical side. My suitcase is always overflowing to the point where it can't shut, so I decided it was time to invest in some new luggage. For me, travel bags and suitcases add to the fun of going on holiday. There's nothing like strolling through an airport with a sturdy and stylish bag on your arm. So before I embark on my next trip, I wanted to share my top 3 bags on my to buy list

1) MAHI Leather.
MAHI Leather derives its name from the MAHI River in India. If you didn't know about MAHI leather, you're about to learn a lot and I guarantee you will fall in love like I did. On browsing the website I first fell in love with the statement Classic Duffle, perfect for a weekend trip. This sturdy soft Vintage Brown leather bag, also available in Vintage Mahogany is the perfect size for electronics, clothing and everything you need for a couple days break. If you love the timeless worn leather look complemented by Brass fittings and YKK zippers, then this bag is for you. Although I ended up with 5 bags in my basket, my second favourite was again another Classic piece but this time was the Backpack in black leather. This would be perfect for day at University as it fits both a A4 pad and a 13" laptop. Both practical and stylish. And a fun fact, because of the natural variation and suppleness of the leather used, every MAHI bag is unique.

One thing I absolutely ADORE about MAHI is the fact founders Camilla and Jamie have created legacy where MAHI Leather donates $1.50 from every purchase to UK charity funding clean water in India, FRANK Water. Not many brands do this and if they do its only on a seasonal basis, so its refreshing to come across a brand that not only cares about the consumers by cutting out the 'middle man' to get the best quality and the best price, but also contribute to society.

Price wise, the bags are situated at just less than £100. You can get your initials stitched onto the bag in a range of colours, so make for great gifts. As seen in GQ and Vogue, you can find them on the relevant social media Instagram, Pinterest, & Facebook.

2) Ted Baker.
I'm not one for patterns on suitcases. Although they do have their benefits as they're easier to find when it comes to the conveyor belt for collecting your luggage, I'm always worried that I'll outgrow the pattern. However, Ted's signature suitcases are one pattern I can't say no to. They're simple, smart and elegant. I've seen quite a few fellow bloggers with the sets and I absolutely love how they look. The Oriental Blossom collection is my favourite. With a hard yet lightweight case for extra protection, the Hully suitcase(which is the medium size) is the perfect size for a 7-10 day holiday. It is my goal to have all the sizes that come in this range. But if you don't fancy the pastel pinks, there are plenty of other designs. Also, I really like the fact that there is a 5 year warranty. 


3) Samsonite International.
I had one very bad experience at an airport where I was travelling to Spain and on arrival found a completely wrecked suitcase. What was my worst fear of a suitcase becoming broken on the first day of holiday through no fault of my own, became my reality. So from that experience, whenever I'm buying luggage I've leant towards stability. But in most cases, travel bags that are stable aren't the most stylish. And I've finally found one that embraces the last technological advancements yet is aesthetically pleasing. Samsonsite are renowned for good quality cases and the Cosmopolite, although a bit more pricey at £345, is a game changer. It features ‘revolutionary Curv® technology, a strong, light and scratch-resistant material. 

The great about it, or the excuse that I keep using to convince myself is that each of these beautiful travel bags warrant a different vacation type. The MAHI leather Classic Duffle Bag will be great for a city weekend break, the Ted Baker Oriental Blossom collection for a beach holiday and the Cosmopolite perfect for long distances.


NB: This post was a collaboration with MAHI leather. However all opinions are honest and my own.

The Brunch Club: Two of Manchester's best brunch spots

6 April 2017

They say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But on a weekend, for people like me who don't like to be woken up before 11am, Breakfast doesn't happen. Breakfast and lunch just blur into one. So Brunch is the most important meal of the day. Nothing quite beats a good(boozy preferably) brunch. Last weekend, I went on a double whammy of brunch outings and can officially add both places to my top 10 list for the best brunches in Manchester.

1) Pot Kettle Black, Barton Arcade.

This is my absolute favourite place to go for coffee. The presentation of coffee is really nice and I really like the fact that for a coffee shop it runs on table service. There is so much choice on the menu for brunch, including a great selection of egg dishes. I went for the avocado & poached eggs on toast with a Mocha and as you can see from the pictures, it looked absolutely divine. The surroundings of Barton arcade are stunning and its also a licensed cafe which is great if you need an espresso martini or three.

2) The Cosy Club, Corn Exchange.
I regularly see this place on one of my friends snapchat stories and decided I wanted to try it, so dragged my friends on Saturday afternoon. Keeping to my theme of avocado, I went for the avocado and bacon salad which sat on a bed of Kale. There was something on the menu for everyone, and believe me that's an achievement as I have extremely picky friends. The only slight nag I have were the sizes of the portions, but for the price of £7.50 for the salad, it was worth it. The restaurant decor is quirky and adds to the friendly atmosphere. The waiting staff were really nice and attentive. To make a booking, which I recommend you do on a Saturday afternoon click here!

Until next weekends brunches...


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