Is Fashion Blogging Wearing Out the World? - A take on Lucy Siegle's book

18 February 2018

One of my New Years resolutions is to read more. And not read in the sense of reading Instagram captions or Twitter feeds, picking up an actual paper book and reading. In January, I got through 2 books - one of which was 'To Die for: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?' by Lucy Siegle.

This book delves deep into unsustainable fashion, exposing our economic and moral accountability as humans to other humans and our planet. If you've ever wondered how high street shops fill their shelves with weekly arrivals, then this is the book for you - it's a page turner and at no point does Lucy Siegle write this in a preachy tone. So massive credit to her for writing an amazing book. Siegle reveals the truth behind bulk fashion, the importance of purchasing decisions and pushes the case for a new sustainable design era. This book not only opened my eyes to a whole side of fashion I knew little about but also inspired me to change how I consume fashion and how mainstream blogging contributes to this cycle.

The bloggers take.
It's 2018 and it would be naive to not recognise the impact of influencer marketing and the eagerness of brands to work with bloggers for creative input. From my own experience as a blogger, its easy to be seduced by fast fashion to create relevant content to keep up with fashion cycles. 

I look at so many Youtubers and bloggers do tours of their wardrobes and hauls of what they've bought every week - and the amount of clothes some people have actually shocks me(which is hard to do). 

In my humble opinion, I don't believe enough mainstream bloggers with influence are pushing this agenda. Again, this is not intended to be preachy or tell people what to do, but if you have millions of followers on Instagram who want to see what you're purchasing and in most cases, will often purchase the same - why not encourage them to think about what they're wearing and the effects of that.

Even for those who aren't bloggers, money is tight and so fast fashion is convenient for most of us. But then some of the questions I asked myself were ..1) the question of whether I have to embrace cheap fast fashion or as my dad has been saying for the last 21 years of my life - 'isn't my wardrobe already large enough?' Should I completely reject fast fashion? 

Lets face it - society has an obsession with both big-name labels and cheap fashion. Reading this book allowed me to make the decision that I don't want to actively contribute to the already damming problem we've created.  I hold my hands up, I used to love fast fashion - the burgundy coat in this post is even a product of fast fashion. Whilst I take partial responsibility for the effect the West's obsession with fast fashion has had on the children and women of developing countries forced to produce whatever the trend of the moment is, working 12 hours shifts to make clothes that will barely last 2 months. I feel very inspired to do something about it.

Lucy Siegle believes that it is possible to be an 'ethical fashionista', simply by being aware of how, who and where we buy our clothing.

My big (not so secretive) plan:
  1.  Only buy what I need - at the start of each month I've began to ask myself what new items of clothing I already need, if they're already in my wardrobe and if I actually need them or just want them because I've seen them on Instagram or Youtube. Benefits of this; you're making your mark on the fight against ethical fashion and also by buying only the things you need, you'll save yourself a lot of 'dolla'. 
  2. And with that said, I'm only allowed to buy two to three new items per month. From now on all my outfit posts will showcase items I already have and items that are bought ethically. 
  3. Go secondhand or Go home - Depop, Charity Shops, ASOS Marketplace, eBay, Wardrobe Swapping (or borrowing and forgetting to give back) - you name it, preloved buying is a great way to be ethical and by returning to the days before fast fashion, this also bolsters individualism and enhances our own unique style. So win win for all. 
  4. Donate any items of unworn clothing to charity. Also, by donating those items that are 'rags' i.e. clothes that you have worn to death and are no longer fit for the human body, charity shops get money for it from the rag trade, these get recycled and you're also helping the planet by reducing landfill!

But I like high street - Where on the high street can I shop
Head to Good Shopping Guide to know everything about the retailers that are paving the way for sustainable shopping and doing their bit for ethical fashion. 

Want to shop ethical now, without all the reading then I have your back...

  1. H&M has been praised for being the first to sign the legally binding Bangladesh Safety Accord, they also have started to declare stakeholders in their supply chain and has a pretty good H&M Conscious range which continues to show proof of how sustainable fashion can be innovative and on trend. 
  2. From my research, New Look ranks relatively well too.
  3. M&S Plan A is a proactive strategy combatting the issue and they are the only major retailer to have committed to ensuring its suppliers are able to pay workers a living wage in the less economically developed countries.
  4. Trainer fanatics - no need to panic as New Balance have been recognised for their high standards around the globe for working conditions in their factories.
  5. Grazia Daily did a article on how easy it was to shop ethically on the high street and some of the companies on their list making a effort to improve their ethical stance include; H&M, Cos, Gap, Zara, M&S - read the article here.

I've also noticed a lot of instagram pages are popping up full of brands producing ethical &; sustainable clothing that look great. 

I completely understand that it'll be a slow process and certainly a hard one for me - I will probably fail a few times but I want to acknowledge the issue and attempt to make a change.

Going Green could really be the new black.


The February Edit

6 February 2018

FINALLY it’s February, after the 4674 days of January… and that means it's time for another monthly inspo board. 


None of the photos in this post belong to me. They are all randomly found on Tumblr & Pinterest.
If any are yours, please message me so I can give credit where credit is due.

Valentines Day Slay

2 February 2018

So it's officially February and what does that mean? Pancake Day!!! Valentines Day is almost upon us.

Whilst people can be cynical about Valentines day and its commercial agenda, it’s also a chance to show your appreciation for someone special and at the same time, wear a outfit that slays whilst you do so. So if you're wondering what to do for Valentines/Galentines night ( because it's 2018 and going for drinks is boring and you can do that any Saturday of the year)...then look no further. And if you're wondering what to wear on a hot date,  Slay Girl Fashion UK and myself are at your service to bring you plenty of ideas in the form of my favourite pieces from the Slay Girl Fashion UK website.

 If you haven't heard of Slay Girl Fashion UK, they were established in 2016 and bring the hottest styles, inspired by bloggers and celebrities at affordable prices (And if they weren't affordable enough, if you read on, I have a discount code!). The thing I love about Slay Girl is that they put out a positive message to empower all women and encourage self-love and inclusivity.

So let's get into it...

Date #1
Take an exercise class together. Hot Yoga is a good shout -  this steamy form of exercise performed in a hot studio (surprisingly enough) that is heated to 40 C not only aids flexibility but the added heat also promotes blood flow AND it gives you a chance to show off that great workout kit. There are some great workout sessions in Central London including Sunrise Yoga at Sky Garden. If that's not up your street, spots like woods, meadows and river paths are perfect for a romantic stroll.

Outfit #1
If you opt for a romantic stroll, a big coat is necessary. One of my favourites at the moment is the 'teddy bear' which I feel like is all over Instagram at the moment and I don't want to jump onto a trend bandwagon but it looks cosy as! Pair with ripped jeans and Ankle Boots for the effortless chic look!

Click here for the 'Angelica Faux Sheepskin Jacket' - £40

Date #2 
And after you push yourself through the above fitness class, you deserve a treat so why not go for a couples massage? Intimate doesn't quite cover the experience.  If you're after a relaxed V-day but strapped for cash, a spa experience can easily be recreated  at home. Candles, rose petals, massage oils, champagne and you've got the ultimate spa experience without leaving your own house.  

Date #3
Go dancing....Dance skills of a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing are not needed, but private dance lessons for Tango, Ballroom or Salsa are a massive step outside most peoples comfort zone. 

Outfit #3
I need these trousers in my life! I'm loving stripes at the moment and these button down trousers are simply gorgeous. Pair with a black bodysuit for a night look or a white shirt in the day.

Eildih Stripe Trousers - £22.00

Date #4
Grab your passport and book a short city break away. V-day falls on a Wednesday which isn't helpful  but there are plenty of options i.e. a couple’s spa retreat or AirBnB to do over the weekend to make up for that.

Outfit #4

Travel checklist - A coloured jacket. Slay Girl's take on the infamous Zara coloured faux leather jacket (£38) looks just like the original. Get your hands on it here.

Date #5
Create a treasurer hunt. Ever seen the movie 'Gone Girl' with Rosamund Pike & Ben Affleck? The extremely messed up film based around Amy's 'staged' disappearance features a annual anniversary scavenger hunt the couple partake in every year. Somewhat cute amongst all the other madness. 

Everyone wants to solve a mystery—especially when it involves romance. Start the hunt off with a text message with a simple instruction/clue or riddle  and then when your partner arrives at the first destination hit them with the second clue and so on. End the scavenger hunt at a restaurant, because all great things end with food right? The longer you've known your special someone the better as it can get real sentimental but still everyone loves a good game. 

Outfit #5
I love a comfy outfit so pairing a jumper with jeans or a skirt is one of my most worn combos. Slay Girl fashion certainly do not have a limited supply of cute jumpers.

My two favourites are the Melanie Pearl Sweater, £28 (which I wore in my most recent Outfit of the Day here) and Lyndsey Ruffle jumper, £26 (because i'll never get over a ruffled sleeve).

Date #6
Pack an indoor picnic. Because lets be honest, the Great British Weather will never allow you to do this outdoors in February. And if you can't cook, preparing spread of easy-to-eat foods like cheeses, bread, cured meats is hardly Michelin star effort.

Outfit #6
For effortless and stylish the Cute AF T-shirt paired with Saoirse Casual Trousers is the perfect combination for a sassy and cute AF outfit (as the T-shirt says).

         The T shirt
         The Trousers
Date #7
Even though I said going for 'drinks' is basic, take it up a notch and learn how to make the drinks yourself. Cocktail making allows you to experience new tastes together, discuss what you enjoy and also gives you all the skills to replicate them on girls night. 

Outfit #7
Pretty dress - say no more. Slay Girl have you covered if you're looking for a romantic dress for a romantic date.

My favourites are Vicki Cold Shoulder dress - £29.99 and the Floral Lace Open Back Dress (the back details are simply gorgeous) - £25.00

If you want something from SlayGirl Fashion UK but are saving (because, it's January and we're all told to save), then my 20% off code will help you save. Enter 'WHATMAYAWEARS' at checkout.


NB: This post was a collaboration with Slay Girl Fashion UK. However all opinions are honest and my own.

A Christmassy Outfit in January

30 January 2018

January outfit goals consist of keeping warm and wearing loose clothes to hide the weight I put on from over-eating at Christmas. So with that said, I have no idea why I'm wearing a pleather mini skirt in this OOTD (other than the reason that it's cute). Unfortunately a cute leather skirt defeats the point of keeping warm and hiding the excessive amount of Pigs in Blankets I ate over Christmas(totally worth it though!)

One thing that doesn't surprise me is that my habit of wearing black/dark clothes is carrying on through January. But I'm learning - If I'm going to wear a dark outfit then adding a splash of colour i.e. a bright red bag and boots with a sassy gold heel make it a lot less gloomy and a lot more Christmassy - because who says you can't be Christmassy at the end of January??? My jumper is also not saying goodbye to the festive season anytime soon - as it's January 30th I really should be moving on but gold heeled boots and this pearly jumper of mine will be staying for a while. 

The details.

Pearl Sweater - Slay Girl Fashion Discount Code below!!!
Pleather Skirt - H&M (Similar)  
Red Bag - H&M

If you're wanting to snap up this super cosy and beautifully detailed jumper, it's the Melanie Pearl Jumper from And for 20% off use my discount code 'WHATMAYAWEARS'. 

Maybe next time I'll wear something warmer...maybe. 

Photography: Zoe Griffin -

2018 Watch List.

21 January 2018

One thing I really want to get into in 2018 is watching T.V.

...which is possibly the most unproductive thing I can say after writing a mega list for my 2018 goals and aspirations. But there's something about TV which makes you relax. And after my introduction to the working world post-graduation and other adult stuff like council tax, I need to relax. And there's nothing more relaxing than getting a ton of snacks and throwing yourself into a good T.V series. And what better than one of Panasonic's HD televisions to enhance your viewing experience. Created with Hollywood filmmakers, HD televisions by Panasonic offer film and TV fans the opportunity to experience movies and programmes exactly as the creators intended them to look. Panasonic’s improved processing engine and 3D Look-up Table technology delivers details & colours in the HDR pictures like no other TV, making the viewing process more enjoyable, satisfying and consistent.

To view the latest high spec technology from Panasonic click here!

So now that we have the perfect TV, let's get the snacks in and decide what to watch. My 2018 picks are...

Black mirror. 
How have I just heard of black mirror? Despite the show first airing in 2011, November 2017 saw my black mirror obsession start. If you have been living under a rock for 6 years (like me), Black Mirror paints the downsides to technology and society in a series of unlinked twisted morality plays and intense plot-lines.

Season 4 of Black Mirror returned on December 29th, perfect timing if you want to save money in January as New year TV binge sessions don't cost a thing. And with 4K HDR streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube integrated into the T.V, you have no excuse to be six years behind in a show like me.

The Keepers. 

Remember that show 'Making a murderer' that everyone was obsessed with last year? Well introducing The Keepers. A documentary centred on the unsolved 1969 murder of nun and school teacher Cathy Cesnik. It's quite similar to 'Making of a murderer' in the sense that the series exposes the failings of the criminal justice system. But unlike making of a murder, the story is about survival

Sharp Objects
This series is based on Gillian Flynn’s novel 'Sharp Objects'(weirdly enough) and it stars Amy Adams as a journalist who returns home after a stint in a psychiatric facility, only to find herself investigating the murder of two girls (as most journalists do). Gillian Flynn also wrote Gone Girl so if you like that twisted plot (notice the theme amongst my top TV picks), then I'm sure you'll love Sharp Objects. 


Considering my above choices are more on the darker side of TV, I think something light hearted is needed. 'Press' stars Charlotte Riley and is all about the cutthroat British newspaper industry. If you like a good rivalry then this is the show for you. It's The Herald, a serious broadsheet Vs. The Post, a tabloid. And with a clever script, two female actresses at the centre of the show (Charlotte Riley and Ellie Kendrick) - what's not to love?

Doctor who.
The 8 year old me is currently screaming right now. BBC One show 'Doctor who' has its first female doctor!!!!!! Don't want to miss an episode? Don't worry. The Panasonic OLED TV has integrated, free Freeview Play which brings features like the Quick Look Guide which shows thumbnail pictures of TV programmes so you know when to tune in. 

With this list you definitely won’t be stuck for something to watch until at least March!


NB: This post was a collaboration with Panasonic. However all opinions are honest and my own.

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